Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Jeremy Cuellar | Producer, Musician, Artist, Digital Creator

I pursued music at an early age. At 13 I was receiving lessons on how to play the guitar and from there I gravitated towards recording and digitally creating music strictly from a computer. I fell in love with the process of making a song from A to Z. Learning the fundamentals of music theory through playing guitar, I realized the importance of every instrument when it came to making a song and it drove me to learning everything I could about producing a record. Im a big supporter of art in every aspect. I never limited myself to just music when it came to branding myself as an artist. From the music to the visuals to the raw emotion and experiences that comes from making a record or any art in general is something that fascinates me to the fullest. Read more>>

Mikhail Smigelski | Opera singer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer

I was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Both my parents and grandparents were very passionate about music and arts but never pursued them professionally. My grandmother was an amateur musician and when she realized that I am interested in music, she made sure that I have a chance to follow my dreams. I started my musical journey by studying piano and singing in an Orthodox monastery boys’ choir. This activity pretty much predetermined my career choice: I was accepted in the choral program of the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College, and subsequently in the vocal performance program of Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. Although no one can say that an artistic career is the easiest one, I never regret this decision. I guess I am that lucky person who ended up working in the field which he loves and whose job is his hobby. Read more>>

Beth Muecke | Fashion blogger

I have always enjoyed being a creative person. I grew up a ballerina and also interested in fashion. I love the arts. Being a fashion blogger has allowed me to express my love of fashion along with seeking creative backgrounds for the pictures. Read more>>

CJ Ward | Lifestyle Creator and Interior Decorator

The reason why I chose to pursue an artistic or creative career because simply put, that is me in a nutshell! Not only do I have a passion and desire to create things from my very own imagination I love seeing them come to life. It doesn’t get any better when you can actually have your creation come to fruition. And two things that I’ve chosen to do have been becoming a lifestyle creator as well as an interior decorator. Read more>>

Siddhant (Sidd) Chauhan | AI Analyst + Content Creator + Podcaster

Pursuing an artistic career was kind of an accidental discovery for me. My dad is super into taking getting high-quality photos and during those days with the amount of knowledge I had having a good camera was the answer. It was in the summer after high school, the time when you’re just kind of waiting for things to start for college and gearing up to move out. I had a lot of free time and I decided to figure out everything there is to know about taking a good photo. Read more>>