Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Shauntee Smith | Event Planner

I think creativity has always been in me! As a young girl I would always decorate my room and my friends would come over thinking that it was the room that belonged to my parents. However, I didn’t realize that I was creative until I went off to college. I decorated my side of my dorm room and I remember sitting on the edge of my bed thinking, Wow! I did a really great job! That was my AHA moment! It was then that I realized that I loved decor and everything beautiful. I realized that I had a knack for taking things and making it work. I realized that I could be creative! I could take what I had and make it look like something. I can’t take all the credit though. Read more>>

Tressa Jones | Earring Artist

Growing up art and creating has always been my first love. As I got into the years of wearing accessories I would often Hhave A vision of what I wanted but could never find exactly “IT”. Fast forward to two years ago I started taking those ideas and thoughts and turning it into what’s now D-iva Girls Accessories. Read more>>

Suzy Soto | Abstract Artist

Every since I was young, creating was something I really enjoyed. The earliest memory I have was in Kindergarten. When everyone was drawing flowers, I was perfecting my rose blooms. I never liked to color outside the lines. I was a perfectionist and wanted to have the best drawings in class. As a kid I remember how much I loved to create crafts, paint, sew, bake, and cook. In middle and high school I created a series of ink drawings about a teen who was madly in love with a guy who didn’t quite appreciate her. This was done around the time my parents were going through a separation. Read more>>

Tremicia Neveu | Houston HairStylist

The reason i chose this creative career …. was inspired by my big sister Latanya who passed away in 2010. She was a hairstylist as well and before she passed she talked to me constantly about becoming one too. Later my mom put me in Cosmetology in high school and from there I gained a love for hair. Being a hairstylist gives me the ability to lift spirits and confidence giving individuals a boots in different areas. Being able to turn a bad day into a good one or being able to boost someones confidence is a different type of feeling. Your hair is the crown you wear! Read more>>

Rakeisha Owens | Boutique owner and podcast host

As a boutique owner and the host of a podcast, I’m able to tap into my artistic nature. I believe it’s so invigorating to think and act outside of the box. With my boutique customers I adore the time spent with them creating new images for themselves, assisting them in embracing new fashions, and creatively that fills me up along with the process of shopping for inventory. As for my podcast, I’m able to let my comedic and over the top nature flow freely and entertain my listeners. Read more>>

Miranda Palmer | Houston Foodie and Paramedic

I started my Instagram page: @htxfoodandcoffee about a year ago while I was in paramedic school. My friends and I would spend weekends venturing downtown trying new coffee shops and searching for new restaurants. Creating a space where I could document and share our finds while also cultivating a creative outlet for myself seemed like the perfect distraction from the stresses of being a full time student while also working. Starting my page began on a whim and seemed like a fun pass time. It has slowly turned into something bigger and has brought forth opportunities and experiences I never imagined. Read more>>

Nick Palermo | Stand-up Comedian

I’ve always liked doing creative stuff. As a kid, I played drums, drew, made fan sites on Geocities and Homestead for bands I liked, and things like that. I never had any interest in any sort of career. I had no idea what I was going to do after highschool until a rep from an art school came to talk to my class. I didn’t realize I could make a living doing design. So, I did that. I always wanted to try stand-up, and even tried writing a set when I was like 21, but I thought I wasn’t funny enough so never tried. A month before I turned 30th I tried stand-up for the first time and it completely changed my life. I absolutely love it, and I’m very very glad I forced my self to get up, after lots and lots of bullshitting and pushing it off. I like creating things, sharing my point of view, and making people laugh. And I fucking hate math. Read more>>

Dwayne Smith | Photographer | Photo Editor

I pursued a career in photography to show people another perspective on how you can view art. I’ve always had an artistic eye for viewing things in a way that others don’t. Instead of taking a simpler approach I feel going in-depth with the quality of the art is beneficial in capturing the essence of the subject. My goal is to utilize my vision to inspire people that you can accomplish goals with passion, commitment, desire, and ambition. Read more>>