Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Henrietta Chavez | Architect & Interior Designer

I decided to study and develop in a creative career, since I consider myself a person who is in constant creative thinking, I do not like monotonous processes and routine. Creativity is not only manifested in careers or professions, we apply it 24/7, when making decisions or solving a problem and to me, nothing is more fun than being able to work solving creative problems. Read more>>

Jay Ybarra | Photographer

When I was younger I had always thought I would have a day job and do photography on the side. Eventually I just got to the point where I couldn’t work under someone else. I love being able to make my own schedule, and not being physically exhausted after working a 50+ hour a week job. I had always been creative in some way or another, but photography was the one that stuck. Read more>>

Chanel Young | Singer-Songwriter & Artist

I decided to pursue an artistic career as a way to express myself freely. I have a really hard time expressing how I feel at times and through the years I have found peace through the music I write. it’s the best way I can express myself and really let people in. It’s my outlet haha. More recently I have been working on making my music come to life and it has honestly felt so fulfilling. I absolutely love it. Read more>>

Cody Jorgensen | Artist and Marketing Manager

Since a very young age, I have had a passion to create art. I went to college for art education and graphic design, because I knew that I did not have the backing to only create my art. I started out teaching, but have switched to doing marketing for a medical company for my daytime job. Then, I create my artwork on the side. It has been difficult with COVID, since there are not many art shows or events. But, creating my artwork is my passion and has always brought me joy and has been my outlet, when I needed one. Read more>>

Thomas Csorba | Musician

It’s funny to think about my decision in pursuing an artistic career because it never felt like I really made one big decision to do so. In reality, it looks like a lot of small decisions made on a constant basis that lead to a life in making art. When I was in highschool, I would often make the decision to stay home, and try to figure out how to write a song instead of going to a party, or a football game, etc. I think I was just drawn to figure out how to crack the code of songwriting in those years, and, simply put, I would rather do that than figure out how to be a teenage socialite. Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” talks about this – overcoming resistance and creating things is about a lot of small decisions on a daily basis. Writing towards a new record instead of watching mindless TV, Playing a week full of shows during SXSW instead of going to Cabo with the kids at my school. Read more>>

Adriana Prieto | Traditional Painter and Makeup Artist

Truthfully, this question alone has a spectrum of solutions for mankind including myself. As a matter of fact, each solutions I came across were built upon so much depth and strong emotions. Surprisingly, all my solutions resulted into reflecting the truth of ” There’s more than what meets the eye.” Thus, undoubtedly leading me into bringing awareness to improving emotional intelligence to my audience. Because of these conditions, I’ve created a connection with them. It was undeniable this should be my career path. I specialize in Art and Beauty. Specifically, Painting and Makeup. Granted, these two genres are form of expression of Art. Art can be recognized as a communication through politics, spirituality, and philosophy creating a sense of an aesthetic beauty. Hence, Art can compel the Artist and its audience to see more than what is in front of them. Naturally, these two forms of expression can impact a person to reflect on oneself. Typically, Art can induce the heart and mind to an endless imagination. Read more>>