The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

ShuTara Nicole | Entrepreneur & Spiritual Coach

I would have to say choosing to continue to move forward with my goals and dreams no matter what I have to face or experience to get to the finish line. I choose to keep going despite possible speed bumps or possible set backs. Read more>>

Gavin Calais | Actor, Singer, Dancer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Drag Queen

I never want to be doing things that I don’t love. I have turned pretty much all of my hobbies into careers. Starting with theatre, then photography, and now I’m pursuing a career in drag. All of these things I love and am so passionate about, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Do what you love and what makes you so happy!. Read more>>

Rachel Elaine | Entrepreneur

The most important decision was to do something I believe in regardless of the support & judgement. We all want our friends & family to support us but not everyone has the same dreams or goals. So once you’ve made the commitment don’t give up or get discouraged. Read more>>

Najiyyah Brooks | Serial Entrepreneur, Minister & Television Host

Committing my life and the work of my hands to God. I believe that true success is not measured by how much is accomplished or how many material things are obtained along life’s journey but rather how well we run the race. I’s God pleased? Have I been true to my purpose? Have others been inspired to do good? Has my life lead others to desire a deeper commitment to God? Being able to answer yes to these questions affirms that am being true my life’s blueprint – my calling. That’s how I measure success. Read more>>

Sarah Sauer | Artist and Owner of Guten Co.

When I began Guten Co. I made the decision to give myself a two year window to see if the business could be successful. I worked a night and weekend job to make a living but spent a full time schedule working to build the business and get the word out. I committed to not judging the momentary outcomes, or even beat myself up if the business failed entirely. Instead I allowed myself that window of time to make mistakes and get feedback. Giving myself those permissions was one of the most impactful choices I made to lead to long term success. As someone that struggles with perfectionism and being results oriented, those judgement free first years allowed me to keep progressing and not be paralyzed by fear of failure. Read more>>