Getting to do what you love?  Providing for your loved ones?  What does success to mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Tarra Love-Richmond | Director for Good Girlfriends Sisterhood Club and Director & Head Coach for Type Girl Inc Modeling Agency

A lot of people seem to think success is just about money, fame, and popularity. But it’s not always about that. Its simple! It’s just by meeting your goals and your expectations that you have made for yourself. It’s accomplishing something greater than yourself. Something you’ve set your mind to and strived hard to accomplish. There is success in the smallest things that we do. I have not reached my highest level of goal yet, but that does not make me unsuccessful. I had to accomplish a million tiny goals to get to where i am today! That’s success! Read more>>

Viri Maldonado | Founder of The Social Click

Success means different things to many people, I define success to not be money or obtaining material things but reaching goals and continuing to challenge myself as a professional, daughter, friend and sister. I believe we have different stages of success in life and it is up to us to use that fuel to reach our full potential​. Read more>>

Sara Demicelli | Cosmetologist

Oddly enough I would describe success with one word: failure. Many people are so scared to fail that they’re not willing to take a chance at the possibility of succeeding. And success takes a LOT of failure. However, Christ has blessed me with an amazing support system. It’s easy to look at failure as a negative but if you truly analyze a failure you can see the light of success. To me, success is getting back up and chasing your dreams to the fullest possible potential. Read more>>

Kimberly Davis | Professional Makeup Artist

When you wake up every morning doing what you love instead of something you need to do I find that being successful. When you work hard and put everything into what you love that makes it all worth it. It is a amazing feeling getting to spend your day doing what you love and making a career out of it. Read more>>

Patrick Joven | Student and Artist

Success in my opinion, is subjective. It can be seen in so many different ways based on the perception of the individual. The dictionary has five definitions for success: 1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, 2. the attainment of popularity or profit, 3. a person or thing that achieves desired aims or prosperity, 4. the outcome of an undertaking specified as achieving or failing to achieve it’s aims, and 5. obsolete, as in outcome or result. Read more>>