Thinking through whether to start a business – whether to take the risk, whether to go out on your own – isn’t easy. So we asked some entrepreneurs we admire to tell us about how they thought through the process of starting a business.

Cynthia Vence | creative entrepreneur, photographer

it all started as just “a thought” of one day being able to do it in the far far future. I already had a good job, a good position and I was happy with it. but I do have to say that my co-worker got me into it. He used to do photography back in his country and explained in detail the function of the camera. I was stunned by the whole process and wanted to try it myself. it wasn’t until one Christmas my husband gifted me a canon camera. I was extremely happy because he knew how important it was for me and how much I wanted to give it a try. Read more>>

Jasmin Faz | Live Painting Artist

Starting your own business comes with many unanswered questions. Personally, the risk of failing was the biggest fear that kept me from pursuing my passion as an artist. Eventually I was able to create a positive mindset that would allow me to follow through with an opportunity than regret in the future. I understood it was going to be a daily process of choosing to learn, grow and work meanwhile also managing personal life, but I believe anything is possible when you have a strong passion for something you enjoy. Read more>>

Shakelia Rogers | Mom, Wife & Entrepreneur

In the beginning, I wanted to start my own business as another savings account/rainy day fund for my family. I wanted to do something that would boost ones confidence as I’ve not always been confidence or felt pretty. Once started, I actually enjoyed what I was doing and saw that my products made a difference and made my customers SMILE. Read more>>

Marcus Bridgewater | CEO of Choice Forward & Author of How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden

Drawing on the experiences of my life and the lessons I learned from them, the thought process behind starting my business was creating a conduit for income in the modern world while providing a service that is meaningful and uplifting to my community and environment. In short, my thought process was to create a business that betters my life while bettering the lives of others. Read more>>

Marcus Whittaker | Author, Realtor, & Pastor

Honestly everything is about being able to leave something of worth to my children when I am gone. Now as far as TLC Houston it is my purpose and passion to guide people to understand what an abundant life requires and looks like Read more>>

Rama Walker | Speaker/Coach/Advocate

It was important for me to invest myself and turn my life passion of helping others into something I could do every day. There is something bold and scary yet remarkable about turning your dreams into a plan that can be used to sustain your livelihood. Read more>>

Michael Garrick | CEO of Doelick LLC

Very good question, I actually didn’t need to think about it at all. Starting a business was something that HAD TO BE DONE in order to stay focused & consistent going down the right direction. My life was taking a wrong turn & I had to find something I loved to do in order to stay on a straight path, you know? Read more>>

Cameron Cooper | Founder-Traveling Tour Golf

When deciding to start my own business, I wanted to be able to do something that I am extremely passionate about and provide that to others with the same passion. I’ve always loved the game of golf and when I had the opportunity to develop my mobile golf simulator setup, I knew I was going to take the chance! Read more>>

Alma Perez | Candle Maker

I have been a candle lover for EVER! Since I was old enough to make my own money to buy candles lol. As I got older, I was intrigued by candles. How were they made? What was in them? How could they add the color to them? Where did the scents come from? Etc.. So as curious as I was, I started searching on Google about EVERYTHING. Eventually, I found out that some candles were toxic for us because of the type of wax that was being used and the extra chemicals that were added to keep them lasting longer or to keep their shape. Read more>>

Krystal Williams | Owner/Creative Director

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I knew I wanted to open up my own dance studio in my hometown. I wanted it to be meaningful and serve a purpose in my community. I wanted to give young dancers the opportunity to express themselves through the art of dance. Read more>>

Latanya Williams | She So Precious owner

It just popped in my mind one day. I was engaged and reach out to a friend about doing some t-shirts for my bridal party brunch, and I thought to my self I can do them myself. I never did shirts before or thought about it. I talked to one of my friend and she told me about the type of machine to use, so I purchased that and a heat press and I started. After that it just took of from me posting on social media and word of mouth. I started doing custom shirts that customers wanted, But then I started another business called She So Precious that I created religious or inspiring quotes for women on t-shirts. Later I decided to add some clothes for girls & women. Read more>>

Ty’Esha M. Hawkins | Beauty Expert

So since a teenager, I’ve always been into beauty. When I was 10 years old my parents allowed me to attend Barbizon School of Modeling. I liked to model but I was always more interested in the hair and makeup. As I got older, my love for fashion and just all things beauty grew. I would do my makeup for my footballs game, and highschool dances as well. In 2018 I graduated from The Aveda Institute and received my Licence in Cosmetology. In 2019 I had my son and knew I needed to follow my passion. Read more>>