We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below

Yolan A Poets Poet Young | Author, Actor, Spoken Word Artist

“Iron sharpens iron, no matter how old or young it is” This was a quote i created. It means that you should be able to receive wisdom from anyone of any age. What i love the most about this quote is how true the statement is. i try to live my life open to receiving something from everyone i encounter in live. Read more>>

D. Alexander | “Quoting” Brand, Published Author, & Scientist

There’s this quote/affirmation I’ve coined as “Preserve your Interpretations.” I’ve basically been living by this quote for ten years and beyond. This means staying authentic to the original interpretation of anything received to you. Finding your euphoria in your personal reality and enjoying its bliss. Read more>>

Lexi Reed | Weight Loss Influencer

My favorite is “its not about the weight you lose but the life that you gain” because losing weight didn’t mean it would make me happy but the experiences did that make me feel like I was living not just existing. Read more>>

Leveina Bennett | Lifesize Prop Stylists

STAND IN FAITH…Having faith means a lot to me I believe in faith so deeply because even when iam having a hard time in my personal life and The hardest time growing my business.I have to calm down and remember My faith has never let me down.I think about Faith and what it means to me.Having a Strong level of Faith is Power to Conquer anything that’s comes my way.Iam standing In & On my Faith Daily. Read more>>

Sunni D | Online Lingerie and Loungewear Boutique Owner

My favorite quote is, “Feed Your Faith and Your Fears Will Starve To Death.” This quote means so much to me because there have been times that I only had faith to survive. This quote is what pushes me to keep going when I feel like giving up. Read more>>

Tyisha Jenkins | Educator, Author & Life Coach

My favorite quote is one I recently heard from a classmate that states: “Things I went through did not happen to me, they happened for me; for me to help others overcome life trials and obstacles.” This quote means that sometimes one must totally shift their perspective in this life in order to understand their purpose. I have endured many obstacles and have truly been blessed to overcome them, but there have been times when I felt helpless, alone, and dejected. When I shifted my perspective, I was totally able to see the strength and determination that I possessed. I like this quote because it can ring true if you let it. We often give certain situations so much negative power over our lives and it is so important to see how things you endured helped you to grow and evolved. I also like this quote because it gives me so much motivation to want to help people from my unique perspective and life experiences. Read more>>