We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Cheray Gilkes | Mother, Makeup Artist, & Model.

My happiest moments are when I am simply living in the moment and engaging in activities that I love! Being outdoors, makeup artistry, modeling, spending time with my daughter, listening to podcasts. Read more>>

Amayrani Peralta | Lash Artist

My inner peace, being able to feel at peace and have an open mind in life makes me happy. Why? Well, I have strong belief that everything you feel, everything you think every emotion will be the reaction you have to others. If you are angry, you will give negativity, if you are happy you will give that. Spreading positivity to others and showing that there is still kindness in this world is what makes me happy. Read more>>

Suzanna Woods | Owner-Coach X Fitness/FitMeals

Helping and serving others has always been my passion. I find so much joy in helping build others up that may be facing mental, spiritual or physical issues. Health and fitness has been therapeutic for me during my most difficult moments in my life that I wanted to share this with others. What better way to do what you love than to create a career that not only helps others all while doing what I truly love? Read more>>