Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs and artists and creatives – folks who have chosen incredibly difficult professional paths that often don’t offer any safety nets or guarantees. Nonetheless, we regularly hear that being a parent is a far greater challenge and so we asked some of these folks to open up to us about the things they’ve done as parents that they feel will have a meaningful and positive impact on their child

Candice Curry | Wood Worker, Jewelry Maker, Carpool Master, CEO of The PTA Treat Trolly, Wanna Be Rapper.

Parenting without judgment or pressure. My kids know that they are allowed to tell me anything without being fearful. It doesn’t mean we won’t be upset, it just means that we have open dialogue and we walk through the rights and wrongs of whatever the situation might be. There may still be consequences for their actions, but they will never get yelled at or demeaned., They also know that we are secret keepers unless someone is in danger. Read more>>

Rachel Hawkins | Business Owner, MBA

As a parent to a four-year-old, the most important thing I have done as a parent is showing my son that he can achieve and reach any dream, he might have if he continues to stay consistent, make a plan, and don’t give up no matter the challenges he will face. For the past two years, I attended graduate school at Texas Woman’s University while having a full-time job, running my own business (Fly Guyz Clothing Company), and being a mom to my four-year-old. My goal was always to attend graduate school to further my education in business and advancing my career. There were many late nights and missed events, but I continued to remind myself of my goal that I was reaching and my son, who was watching me obtain this goal. My son saw that I never gave up and stayed focused on my tasks in completing my degree. I will graduate this coming May 2021 with a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration, and I am proud of myself for consistently reaching this goal. Read more>>

Andrea Mosley | Psychotherapist

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent is to work myself out of the job being a parent and shift to an adult to adult relationship with my child. I found that most parents make decisions based off of other parents in their circle, instead of seeking the guidance needed to bring their child into adulthood. This behavior can create a co-dependent relationship between child and parent. I desired and allowed my an interdependent relationship to flourish. I allowed my child to learn to trust themselves as they lived through the life experiences necessary for them to grow into the adult they needed to become. They can make decisions knowing they have the skills needed to cope with the outcome. Our conversations have shifted to sharing how our lives are growing independently, how we can help each other progress further and how we respect and love one another. Read more>>

Tania Flores | Fine Art Photographer

As a Parent I would say the most important thing I have done that causes an impact on my daughter is that I always try do things with a positive attitude, no matter how difficult the situation may be. Every single morning I wake up, tell her “Good Morning baby” and start to sing to her “This is gonna be a great day!! This is gonna be a great day!!” as I am getting her ready to drop her off with her caregiver knowing I will miss her tremendously, but just the fact that I am taking a situation that may make her sad or upset and trying to change her perspective to a good one has made her way of viewing situations change. When she falls she gets right back up brushes it off and continues to play as if nothing happened. I have noticed that children will have the same attitude as what is learned at home. Give a child love and positivity then that child will radiate love and positivity wherever they go. Read more>>