Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Law Stewart | Designer & CGartist

I can’t remember a time where I haven’t wanted to create or build. I quickly discovers my interests in illustrating, designing, storytelling, ,and sharing these ideas in some form. I enjoy the creative state of mind/being and wanted my career and work to reflect that. Read more>>

Hannah Bull | Muralist, Multimedia Artist, Event Producer and Educator

I’ve always wanted to make things and bring people together, it’s an insatiable urge. I’m also just obsessed with color in saturation. My art-making process started with hand-made notes in school, to drawings for friends, to paintings, to installations to murals and so it goes. Then it was life-drawing classes, award shows, fundraisers, pop art dj dance parties, to hallucinatory events that fused technology, art and music. I am constantly inspired by nature and new media and I like to find new challenges with sculptures, paintings and installations, I am always in an ever-changing, constant flux. I love getting people together and giving them a medicinal, interactive, and colorful spoonful of happiness and inspiration. Read more>>

Jamie Robertson | Visual Artist and Educator

I’ve always been creative but I did not consider it an actual career choice until I took a career aptitude test in undergrad. Even after the test, I still was trying to choose a creative career that leaned more on the traditional route. I was scared to pursue a completely creative career because there is no one way to become an artist. There is a lot of uncertainty and I don’t have much of a safety net. I worked in arts administration for a while and realized that something was missing. I wanted to make art. Going back to school (for the third time) to pursue an MFA really helped me conquer my anxiety and allowed me to see that I could define my own path as an artist. That sense of control over my career is liberating. Read more>>

Catherine Gauché | Collaborative Portrait Artist

I can’t go very long without drawing or painting. Without a tactile way to express myself I feel something is very wrong or missing. I pursued an artistic career because, for me, there is no other option, unless placed in a very dire situation (touch wood). Read more>>

Dusti Joyner | Visual Artist

I have been a maker my whole life and I realized early on, that I couldn’t NOT create. Thats when I decided that I had to turn it into a career somehow. Read more>>

Stephanie Rodriguez | Floral Designer & Business Owner

I’ve always loved flowers! I had to do my own wedding back in 1999 and several guests told me how beautiful the flowers were and that I have a God given gift. Read more>>

Sari Beall | UX Designer & Photographer

The pressure to have a “dream job” stresses me out. What should I do? Will it be good enough? Can you really love your work? The truth is: You can do whatever you want! It will be good enough. And the only way to know you’ll love the work is to try. I like to say I have too many passions. How do I choose what to pursue? The secret is, you don’t! The amount of pivoting I’ve done in my career since I’ve graduated from the university of Texas at Austin in 2019 has been inspiring to say the least. I went from studying nutrition, to becoming a social media manager and writer, and most recently, studying to become a UX designer. I know with certainty that a creative role is my calling. It’s something I’ve always gravitated towards. You may know me from being a part-time photographer (By Sari Lane) — that’s where it all began! Learning to turn my passions into profit has been the sweetest discovery, and I feel so lucky to have the support I do to reach for the stars. Read more>>

Miguel Josue Martinez | Contemporary Photographer with Emphasis on Portraiture

Photography as a career realistically would be unsmart with a industry that is very saturated, unconventional, and based around luck. Knowing this I still would always choose to be a photographer and devote my energy into something I love and truly have a passion for. Life isn’t a one way path and having the quote “If you never try, you’ll never know,” in my mind, I know I will never regret the direction I took. Read more>>

Jordan Cordel | Artist & Entrepreneur

I’m just naturally creative. I’ve always been vocal about doing the things in life that I’m passionate about and singing is it for me. I still have to perfect my craft and continue to get better. I love expressing myself and being innovative. I want to leave an impact on the world. Read more>>

Sheridan Bradshaw Tonche | Visual Artist

I have always known I would work in an industry that is a little outside the norm. Everyone desires to do a job they love but for me it was something I have been fortunate to do from day one. Before I pursued a more serious path to being a visual artist, I dedicated the bulk of my life to horses. I have worked outside, teaching horseback riding lessons since I was in high school. I was already so fortunate to have a career I loved and was passionate about. After my twins were born, I decided to get back to creating. Creating art has been a lifelong hobby that not only I enjoy but is really necessary. I think all creatives create art because they have something to say or something to express. Read more>>

Jeremy Tolbert | Visual Artist/Muralist

Art has been a part of my life since I was A young child. I can literally remember being in my grandmothers house watching cartoons on VHS, and I would pause my favorite parts just so I could put a piece of paper on the tv to trace them. I was told I was doodling before I would walk or talk. Being creative has always been a part of my life, as well as the idea of making something out of nothing, Me choosing to make a living out of my art has been a no-brainer for me for a while. I’m not completely at “Full-time” artist level yet, but I’ve done a number of projects and events since beginning my career that I feel have impacted me and others in a positive way. Read more>>

Thomas Helton | Bassist, Tubaist, Composer, Bass Luthier

I didn’t “pursue” it initially. When I got out of high school I wasn’t sure what I was going to do the only thing that I have done at that point was play trombone in the school band. I played a little bit of bass guitar and I guess I, like many, wanted to be a rockstar. But when I apply to college I discovered jazz and it just sort of lured me in. I have always loved music but when I discovered jazz it’s sort of open the door up to more creative possibilities than I had previously realized. So with guidance from really great teachers in Houston I discovered that I could make a living playing music. And specifically music I consider very creative and almost infinite in it’s possibilities. Read more>>