We had the good fortune of connecting with Hannah Bull and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Hannah, why did you decide to pursue a creative path?
I’ve always wanted to manifest, create, and bring people together, it’s an insatiable urge. The variation of saturation in hue and colors has always captivated me, especially within plants, animals and people, and our relationships with one another. We live in an ethereal plane of energy, light and color. As a lover and an aspiring peacemaker, I strive to cultivate for this mission. My art-making process started with hand-made love letters to my friends in school that included drawings, doused in perfume and folded into little origami hearts, and has since flourished towards the creation of immersive installations, and more recently through public murals. This continued with a host of events that I coordinated, such as, life-drawing classes, award shows, fundraisers, pop art dj dance parties, to hallucinatory events that fused technology, art and music. Inspired by nature and new media,I enjoy challenging myself and incorporate my new findings within my sculptures, paintings, and installations—I am always in an ever-changing, constant flux of energy and color. Additionally, I enjoy gathering groups of individuals together and giving them a medicinal, interactive, and colorful spoonful of happiness and inspiration. My art currently strives to educate people on the notions of rewilding, an ecological and psychological restoration movement putting emphasis on our relationships with nature and one another. 

Installation and curation by Hannah Bull assisted by Alexandra Lechin, Interactive element by Input/Output.
Image Credit: Jean Velez

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
In layman’s terms, it is difficult for me to describe myself because I explore a vast amount of creative routes. I am an insatiable, creative chimera with a lot of fire, complements to my Aries sun sign. Creating a vibe and making people happy, is my love letter to the universe. In a tagline, I would say, “I am a multidisciplinary artist, oil painter, muralist, event producer and art educator.” As I am very high energy, I’ve learned to siphon this energy into many facets for my own mental health in addition to the well-being of those surrounding me. Wasted passion turns into anguish for me and therefore I am always craving new challenges. As an obsessive perfectionist, I feel like this flaw is what gives me my strength. As much as I relish in producing my own visions, I revel in helping other creatives produce theirs. It’s never easy but fighting the resistance is what gives me joy. Once I successfully get  to the end of a project and reflect on my experience and learnings I often realize how helpful it was for me and aids in me becoming a better community member and artist overall. There is always growth in suffering. I create to bring peace, unity, and to help make everyone’s dreams–including some of my own–come true. The thematic emphasis of my work is about rewilding our relationships with our fellow man, beast, and to our very own mother, Nature, and to proliferate love, beauty, tranquility and spiritual advancement.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

Favorite spots in the city?!Oh man. I could write a detailed itinerary but due to the flux of the pandemic, it would only make us all very sad, so I’m just going to list them. 

My recommendations for Places to experience nature:
I will forever love running with my pup Sunny along the Buffalo Bayou on Allen Parkway, Hermann Park, Terry Hershey Park, and my friend’s backyards. 

For bars, I would have to say: 

  • Two Headed Dog (Midtown)
  • Grand Prize (I have a mural here) (Museum district)
  • La Carafe (Downtown) 
  • Double Trouble (Midtown)
  • Truck Yard (here too) (EaDo)
  • Sixes & Sevens (Montrose)
  • Axel Rad (Midtown)
  • Boondocks (Montrose)

For restaurants: 

  • Uchi (Montrose)
  • Gen Korean BBQ House (Midtown)
  • Vinny’s Pizza (EaDo)
  • Bombay Sweets (Harwin)
  • Shiva Indian Restaurant (Rice Village)
  • Aka Sushi House (Montrose)
  • Coltivare Pizza & Garden (Heights)
  • And coming soon, 80’s diner, Hungry Like the Wolf (Montrose). 

Food trucks: 

  • BoomBox Taco
  • Wokker Texas
  • House of Hoopz BBQ
  • Maria’s by W. Alabama Ice House
  • Houston Sauce Pit on Almeda


  • Dance House Fitness
  • Be Fit Gym
  • Black Swan Yoga
  • And of course, running along Allen Parkway with my dog Sunny. 


  • The Secret Group (EaDo)
  • Satellite Bar (2nd Ward)
  • Red Dwarf (Midtown)
  • White Oak Music Hall (Heights)
  • Rockefellers (Montrose off Washington)
  • Darwin’s Pub (Montrose)
  • Bohemeo’s (Montrose)
  • Rudyards (Montrose)
  • Dan Electro’s (Heights)

Coffee Shops: 

  • Double Trouble (Midtown)
  • Antidote (Montrose)
  • Agora (Montrose)
  • Cafe #13 (Midtown)
  • Retrospect (Midtown)

Art Galleries and Exhibits

  • The Orange Show (Gulfgate)
  • Cy Twombly Gallery and Dan Flavin site-specific installation in Richmond Hall at the Menil Collection
  • Seismique (Village at West Oaks) 
  • Heidi Vaughn Fine Art (Upper Kirby)
  • Spring Street Studios 
  •  The new contemporary and modern art building at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Museum District)
  • Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) 
  • Station Museum (Midtown)
  • Project Row Houses (Third Ward)
  • Box 13 ArtSpace (East End)
  • Lawndale Art Center (Museum District)
  • Center for Contemporary Craft (Museum District)


  • Sawyer Yards Drive-In
  • EaDo Bike Co. for all your bicycle needs! 

And my favorite EVENTS that are currently happening are the Art Car Ball, Hip Hop Flea Market, O.K. Art and Coffee and I’m biased but I can’t wait to produce my own events again, especially Dream Machine and Pussy Pop.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

I love this but I am also so overwhelmed by this question because I have so many people to thank. First and foremost, my parents, Valerie, Ian, and Gaylen, for always showing up to my events, supporting my art, loving me and congratulating me. My best friend Madison aka Maddie for always giving me opportunities, ideas, making me laugh my ass off, throwing me unicorn birthday parties, being my emotional support and just being an all around incredible human being. I’m so privileged to have her as my sister. My mentor from college Kathy Kelley, for teaching me so much in the W.A.S.H. program about how to be a good human, writer, and artist and for always writing the best letters of recommendation. To my partners in Bambull Black, Dom and Black, for helping me put on our annual event Dream Machine, being inspirations and wonderful friends to me for many years. Mandy Parker and Drew from Lonestar and PBR for supporting my art, events, and being excellent people and friends. My deceased Grandmother Jeni, for raising me to be a creative, hardworking, and loving human. Andy Adams for supporting me as an artist for multiple businesses he’s owned; Corkscrew, 19th Amendment, and new 80’s diner, Hungry Like the Wolf. My uncle Tony for being a second father to me. My improv BETA team for bringing so much energy and joy to my life. Special shoutout to local artists, movers and shakers in the city that have collaborated with me, inspire me and most of which I am lucky to call friends (in no order); Pamela Ashley, Mallory Monica, Robert Hodge, Stephaine Gonzalez, Alexandra Lechin, Alex and Billy of Input/Output, Rebecca Cook, Matt Fries and Julian Luna of Moon Papas, Traci Lavois Thiebaud, Nadia Al-Khalifah, GONZO and Caroline from Aerosol Warfare, Jonathan Paul Jackson, Britt Vasick, Billy Trim, Anat Ronen, Kam Franklin, Bob Lane, Andrew Whit, Brian Simmons, Parker Sloane, Megan Ebel, Bonny Wang, Torey Brown, Dieanna Panchuca, Sarah Rose, Emily Link of Box 13 ArtSpace, Shirley Trample, Amy from Hip Hop Flea Market, Michelle Grey, Dana Graham, Fredster, Ashley Beshara, Claire Drennan, Mads Hoffman of Red Bull, Asli Omar, Matt Graham, Darcy Rosenberger, Tim Steinke, Vincent Fink, Jade, Dre Forgotten, Austin Beck, DJ Dom Top, Kris D., Sasha V., Kam Franklin, SAY GIRL SAY, Kimmiski, Hank Jove, Colin/Cactus Bath, Elaine Dillard, Jonathan Beitler, Femke and Kamyar from Cirque Noir, Karo Cantu, Maria Felicitas, Tra and Amber Slaughter, Breanna Rogers, Christine Gwodz, SAILOR POON, Vinny Vo, Goodspero, Space Kiddettes, Ned Gayle, Mallory Monica, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Emily Ayer, Brenden Wakefield, Isabella Vik, Lindsey Rae, Lindsey Beale, Justice Triapelli, Sanjay Sharman, Jessica Rice, Pat Laughrey, Omar and Dick of STRUT, Trae Stanley, Tifa Tittlywinks, Nick TVegan, Dahlia Devine, Jade Young, Chris Baranowski, Casey Walder, Jeremy Buzek, Scott Tarboxx, Ky Meyer, Marissa Saenz, Ms. YET, Remy Vogt, Nikhoo, Alyssa Dieringer, Emma Dilemma, Justice Tirapelli-Jamel, DJ Sun and Jasmine, Omar Al-Boschi, Southmore House, Robert Wilson, Jean Velez, Xio (Hyper Femme,) Wade Drake, Honey Moonpie, Gabby, Kalvin Camp, Lindsey Light Burck, Kevin Clifford, Nate from EaDo Bike Co., Zahid Dewji, Andrew Youngblood, Wylie Lechor, Doomstress, Mariana of Avant Garden, Alex of Boombox Taco, Casey Guhl, Marley Moon, J Blanchard, and many more! Thanks to all the people who have attended, helped or participated in events I produced and co-produced; Dream Machine, Pussy Pop, Sketchbook Saloon, Heart Drive, Houston Music and Arts Hall of Fame. Thanks to all the companies, sponsors and volunteers who took a chance on me. Thanks to anyone that has ever given me love, I am so privileged and grateful. I name all of you because I couldn’t have gotten this far without every single one of you. Thank you. Forever and Always, Houston, Texas BABY!

Website: hannahbull.com
Instagram: @Hannahbullnectar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HannahBullNectarr

Image Credits
Photo Credit to Karo Cantu for my profile picture the rest were taken by me.

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