Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Martell Lacey | Artist

I feel like it’s my purpose it feels natural and you inspire other while being your best self. Read more>>

Glen Carpenter | Photographer and Digital Artist

It began as an outlet, really, a way to deal with stress. As time passed, though, I developed a facination with photography. Throughout it history, photography has encompassed nearly all aspects of our daily lives. Photography records information. Photography documents our lives for future generations and photography can also be beautiful pieces of art. Once I began focusing on the art aspect, I knew I’d found my calling. Read more>>

Kevin Greer | Artist/ Painter

The novel answer is to say because I can’t sing or dance but the truth is there are many things that I could have done in this life to make a good living why I choose painting as a career path really only comes down to one thing if the world was quiet and you were the only soul alive and you didn’t need money and you didn’t have people to impress with what you did Would you still do what you do and the answer is yes for me I would paint even if I was the last person on this Earth. Read more>>

Delisa’e Malone | Beauty Entrepreneur

It gives me life! Helping other women look and feel their best self. Enhancing the beauty that’s already there. The Gemini women is said to be pretty, witty, and one of the most creative signs of the zodiac which is myself. I’ve always been fascinated with beauty specifically, makeup it’s one of my passions. Being a self-taught makeup artist prompted me to go to cosmetology school allowing me to expand my knowledge and flourish. False eyelashes always stuck out to me they’re so extravagant the way they draw attention to your eyes. I want women to embrace femininity and feel the best versions of themselves glamorous, luxurious, confident, sexy and empowered. Read more>>

Kade O’Casey | Illustrator & Designer

I have incredible support from my mother and father who saw my passion in the arts at a very young age, and allowed me to pursue that passion to any end. In my youth I obsessively drew and painted. I filled countless sketchbooks while half-absorbed in the fantasies of 90’s cartoons, fighting video games, trading card games, and Dungeons and Dragons. Each of these influences engaged with me beyond the screen. I was in tournaments competing with my Magic cards, trading monsters with my friends, writing complex narrative structures to impress my peers, sketching my own creations that would one day be captured and coveted by others. Reflecting on this now, beyond any individual media influence, the true spark that started my journey was discovering what was possible with effective illustration and graphic design. and that all was fully utilized once I learned to use Adobe photoshop at the age of 12. Ever since, I’ve been on a path to create my own worlds, and brighten the worlds of those around me. Read more>>

Nancy Cruz | Pastry Chef/Cookie Decorator

I honestly did not ever expect myself to pursue this career while growing up. I had always imagined myself going into the medical field and becoming a nurse or doctor. By my senior year of high school that all changed, I became very fond of baking and went on to attend to Culinary school. While attending college, I had watched many videos on decorating cookies and decided to try them out. I ended up really loving it and here I am today owning my own small business. Read more>>


I chose to pursue an artistic career simply because of the freedom it offers. You can express yourself freely, at your own pace and in whatever way you ultimately see fit. You can push boundaries. When really deciding career paths, you want to find something that makes you happy, something you want to wake up to and have no issues with the work. Creativity leads to innovation. To me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an idea come to life; a thought that manifest in existence. UTILIZE THE POWER OF THE MIND. Read more>>

Jessica Just | Fine Art Photographer and Instructor at McLennan Community College and Baylor University

I have always known that I wanted to pursue art in some way. I grew up taking piano and violin lessons, and took art classes all through High School. I even remember playing The Game of Life, and trying to get the artist career card, as if that would be a sign that I was on the right track. In some ways, I knew that I wanted to teach and make art in some capacity, and it wasn’t until my junior year of college that I found photography specifically. That first darkroom class sucked me in, and it felt right. The magic of it, the challenge both artistically and technically, and the community sealed the deal for me. I knew I wanted to keep going with it. Making art and learning about art can teach us a lot about ourselves, our collective histories, and each-other. There is a vulnerability there that I was definitely drawn to. Being an educator is a job that I have so much respect for, and I think is extremely rewarding as well. Looking back at the teachers I have had that truly cared and pushed me, they absolutely changed my life in so many ways. Art can cross over and work together with so many other fields which was a big draw for me. Read more>>

Chukwunonso Ofili | Artist and Creative Entertainer

I pursued an artistic and creative career because it’s where my heart and interest gravitated to at a very young age. All my three older brothers were constantly drawing and all I ever wanted to do was be on their level ,that became my love but all of them stopped art after high school ,but at that time i had already falling in love with everything drawing and art related. My parents took education very seriously and expected me to come first second or third but I could never hit that goal so once my parents caught on that I loved art . I had to make a promise that as long as it was art related I had to be number one at all times. So that propelled me to seeing myself in this career. Lastly my art teacher in secondary school in Nigeria mr Olowo really put the stamp on me wanting to be an artist full time. I would often see him create portraits ,sculpt and create clothing and he would also let me help him and that was the epiphany. Read more>>