It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Hailey, Brandy & Rachel | Host of She, Me, Her the Podcast

We came up with the idea of our business one day while we were all on FaceTime. Often times our “quick calls” ended up being 3 hours of us venting, talking through problems, joking, and more often than not crying. In the midst of it we realized how much healing we got just through our calls and we wanted to share our conversations with others. Our hope is that through our podcast, our listeners will experience the same joy and healing that we did and ultimately feel as though they have a safe space to retrieve to. Read more>>

Sarah Hughes | Floral Preservationist

I worked as a floral designer for weddings for a few years. Weekend after weekend, I watched thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of flowers being thrown into giant trash bags at the conclusion of these events. That’s when I realized my childhood hobby could be saving some of these blooms and turning them into custom pieces of art that couples can enjoy for decades to come. By pressing their flowers, I’m taking something tangible from the couple’s wedding and making it last forever. Read more>>

Marquita Pierson | Child of God, Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife & Bus Driver

I came up with the idea for my business following a deep depression in my life. I was at my lowest and while trying to find ways to unlock my inner queen, I found my love for makeup. Once I realized how therapeutic my makeup sessions were, I knew I needed to share that with other women who need to feel empowered or beautiful. Shortly thereafter, Hood Queenz was born. Being a girl from the hood, there is a target on our back before we are even given a fair chance. Hood Queenz message is that it is acceptable to be yourself unapologetically! It is important that girls, just like me, from the hood understand that you have to be the most authentic version of you possible. Read more>>

Chara Bowie | Children’s Author

As I embraced my career as a registered play therapist, I often searched for children’s books to integrate into my counseling practice. I found the most rewarding books were stories I created with my clients. Finally, I decided to create my own personalized children’s book. SURVIVOR has been a true family endeavor. This book written by me, illustrated by my husband and plenty of critiques from our daughters, was a worthwhile family challenge. The purpose of Survivor is to help children express their thoughts and feelings and to understand the relationship between the two.​As they read the book, they’re invited to fill in the blanks within the story to describe how they feel in various situations. The illustrations throughout the book depict coping skills that can be utilized along with activities pages to write down their thoughts and feelings. Then they can use what they have learned and build their own toolbox so they can be a SURVIVOR!. Read more>>

Derrick Walter | #PeoplesProsperityCampaign

Creating D Walter Group, Inc. and my banner subsidiary Conscience Talent Consulting was birthed from the journey I have gone on to better understand myself. Conscience Talent Consulting, or CTC, was the transition I felt I had to make after my last job where the leadership didn’t look like me, think like me, or value me to the level that I gave myself to the job. Sometimes it was on one of those things, but often it was all three of those things listed previously. I had been given so much of myself and proven myself and even though I was successful, it just often wasn’t enough. I am not saying it wasn’t enough for my employers, I was more than enough for them. It wasn’t enough for me. I was a successful business man who was well liked and made good money. However, I often failed simple trap games that exist in the corporate world because often I was tired of playing the game. Read more>>

Sherita Davis |

Crying several mornings walking to the bus stop with my 3 small kids. 2 walking and 1 in a stroller. Read more>>

Amethyst Farrar | Techpreneur & Consultant

My personal experience led me to start My goal was to create a community for techies and newbies ready to break into tech. In my first article with VoyageHouston, I discussed the challenges I faced at the start of my career. Unlike many of my peers, I did not have a college degree when I started in tech. I had to work my way up in the industry, and I gained a lot of knowledge on the way. Now, I am sharing that knowledge with the world. Read more>>