We had the good fortune of connecting with Derrick Walter and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Derrick, maybe we can start at the very start – the idea – how did you come up with the idea for your business?
Creating D Walter Group, Inc. and my banner subsidiary Conscience Talent Consulting was birthed from the journey I have gone on to better understand myself. Conscience Talent Consulting, or CTC, was the transition I felt I had to make after my last job where the leadership didn’t look like me, think like me, or value me to the level that I gave myself to the job. Sometimes it was on one of those things, but often it was all three of those things listed previously. I had been given so much of myself and proven myself and even though I was successful, it just often wasn’t enough. I am not saying it wasn’t enough for my employers, I was more than enough for them. It wasn’t enough for me. I was a successful business man who was well liked and made good money. However, I often failed simple trap games that exist in the corporate world because often I was tired of playing the game. Worst yet, sometimes I forget I was in the game. Those “gotcha” lessons are often hard. So yea, it wasn’t spiritual. Well, it wasn’t spiritual at first. Then I found myself and it all became about my soul. CTC was birthed because it was what I was good at. I can recruit, train, hire/fire, source, build, lead…all the things. Why not get paid for my own expertise? And, the good news is that I am a good guy who knows the business side of things to where I can ensure profitable. Not just monetarily, to be of profit to those people we are ultimately serving in the first place. Job placement, recruiting and staffing is by default a service to the people. It lives in Human Resources. However, the business that has now been created in the market place is worth billions. The money makes it so easy to forget #ThePeople. CTC is for #ThePeople. My gift back to them. But, it all started because I needed to do it for me. I found CTC by looking for me. That is the freedom that I believe people chase with Entrepreneurship. More specifically, that is what I believe Holistic Entrepreneurs, Soulpreneurs, or Wellpreneurs may be searching for. We are searching for our gifts back to #ThePeople. CTC was my first, I have many more.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
It is so hard not to sound cliché in my head. Yet, it is harder to not say exactly how I feel in the moment. My authenticity to myself validates me to say what I want. I mean no harm. Right now, I don’t want to just call myself a business man, or a entrepreneur or any “neur.” I have a certain set of skills that would be valuable in multiple spaces. I love creating, love it. It could be my favorite thing, but I don’t think I would label myself a creative because I don’t self-identify as one. I almost feel as if I am back in school. This time around I am searching for wisdom. Deep truth. I want to know the things deep underneath it all. Because of that and during my quest, I have uncovered some skills that I can monetize. Some I don’t want to monetize on and some I do. Often times I change my mind on what I want to put more emphasis on. Saying all this makes me feel like I sound “like an artist.” But, is that really a stereo-type, or something I saw on A Different World. Or multiple black tv shows where the wanderer was often pictured as an un-fulfilled soul constantly searching. To me I call it experiencing as many parts of myself as I can. Sometimes I hone in on one and spend more time with it than others. I am an other. Wait! Was I supposed to list what my other was here and then explain what it was? My bad! This was more fun though.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
My feelings are so hurt right now. I just realized I am a terrible person. That are I need to be in an amazing relationship before I am met with this make believe scenario. I am still working through who I would want to spend 7 days with. Even a work week trip is a stretch. Could it be a long weekend, where we arrive in the afternoon and leave early the last day? I can answer that question. But, I am going to get to that 7 day trip status soon. Just with my lover. Why am I answering all my questions this way? But, a good trip with any of my friends would most likely be New Orleans. It could be over a festival weekend, or a special event. Any of the festivals there are super fun and could be the intensity level. But, I would choose Red Dress Run Weekend. We would fly in on Thursday because that is the night we will eat a nice dinner. It is best to come in one, or two days before the madness to experience a good part of the city as it prepares for an event. If you got it like that, get somewhere a week before. I don’t live yet like this, but I will. So we would eat somewhere, I would let them look up a spot and choose. If not, I would choose either something new, or an old faithful. This is the night, I would catch some live music. We aren’t trying to go too hard, this is night one and we still have two more nights. No rush on breakfast the next morning, but I would try to get a reservation just because I don’t want any surprises. We are going to need to eat and not be moody about. I would shop on this day and grab lunch at wherever we wonder into. A lot of people are starting to show up, so it is great people watching. If we are really in the zone, we create intentional vibes with certain people knowing that we will most likely run into them at the perfect time. It’s a vibe. Friday night is where the real fun is. It is the last time we are going to be human for a bit. I would always take it slow and aim for the level where everything is pleasant, funny and makes us appreciate things as what they are. Failure to control Friday night, will call for extra energy and effort the rest of the weekend. Saturday we are in the sun all day, drinking and will dance through the night. Everyone puts on their Red Dress Run attire, which is a sight to see. Super creative and fun. So you have this community of creatives that are all united in wearing red. The event also advertises that they support charity and who doesn’t like partying for a cause. Also, it is a run! I think it is like a 5k, so we can get some fitness in too. A perfect trip! Ok. After the run, then the people just party in their outfits. All day and into the night. Not me though. Saturday night is when I let people know I am going to take a nap. I am not ashamed about it and people should know it is coming. I need some sleep. Not only have I been around large groups of people, but we have been busy this entire time. I will shower and get in bed with no real set time to wake up. If I catch people at 8, 10, or 12 am there is still something going on. I get to sleep around 3 or 4 am and am able to rally for a 11 am or 1 pm brunch time. Sunday brunch has to booked by reservation in my opinion. I often go to Court of Two Sisters, one could spend almost two-hours there. Next, time I may switch it up. Most likely, not. I failed to mention Sunday morning is when I wake up super early and go to Cafe du Monde. Why? I can’t quite tell you why anymore. I bet someone simply told me I must go to it if I go and once I did, I just kept going. I quite like it. This means I am getting old. Some people opt to leave early on Sunday and skip brunch. Others make sure brunch is schedule early enough so they can catch their flight after (clutch move). And some stay one more night and leave Monday morning. Sunday night might be the night when the real party is. The industry folks and locals have to get one night in with the same energy hanging on. Can’t miss the money of working and don’t want to be in the tourism crowd, but also they have needs. I would think. Anyway, I leave after brunch and hope my friends are down with that schedule, but I would understand staying back. The best moments are when everyone decides to stay an extra day for one reason or another. That’s how you know it was an epic trip. That is five days. That’s a work week. I made it. I am not terrible!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
First and foremost my family. It is very unique to see so many different stories in my family and the effects the same systematic structures have on them. We are still hanging together. The women are the glue. It is all women and their range of coverage is large. They are super heroes. The women in my family. Super heroes. I don’t think you can just call them Black women anymore. That name is too small. It also has mixed symbolism that doesn’t benefit the psychology of the world around them. Including themselves. They must be elevated to their status, people should come up with their own. We don’t have to agree all on one word. They can be called Queen Regents, or #FirstWomen. There is no one way to be them, those who are now formerly Black women. Who are evolving into their future selves. A return to self. I thank all these women. First and foremost my family and then the greater collective. I have a second thanks. I would also like to thank the people who will read this article, or hear about it and will start to look out for these women when they need it most. And the men that love them. Prince Harry included. Give that man protection too. And all our men. And all your men and all your women too. We are protecting everyone when they need it most. But, not just when we need it most, all the time. We are jumping in front and covering people. So to the people who are about to commit to do that, I thank you as well. Blessings and Peace. Forreal.

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