We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Jessica Rocha | Nails Artist

Since I was a child I always liked to draw, I wanted to be an architect but due to life circumstances I could not exercise my career. Read more>>

Tayo Timi | International Wedding Photographer

Freedom. The privilege to have my destiny in my hands. To know that how much I want to be is directional proportional to how hard and smart I work at it Read more>>

Stéfano Obregón | Illustrator

Since I was a kid I felt attracted to the arts, so I always dreamed of dedicating myself to it. I am Spanish, and unlike in the United States, in Spain it is not easy to work on your own and start your own business, here the state does not help you practically at all and you have to pay exorbitant fees and taxes every month. Despite this, I decided to start my business as a illustrator about 4 years ago and at the moment I am surviving haha. Read more>>

Erika Tijerina | Organizer

I rescued my dog Khloe back in 2019 when she was 2 months old. She was found bright and early one morning underneath my friends truck crying because she was lost and cold. I told him I could take her in, I always wanted a German Shepherd so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get a puppy. Read more>>

Brittany Heggins | Founder & CEO of Brown SugHer Bodycare Essentials, LLC.

When I created Brown SugHer, all I could think about was creating something that people would need for everyday self-care, and also products that catered to ALL shades of melanin and skin types. Read more>>

Riveria Wells | Brand and Graphic Designer

My thought process on starting my own business was lol I’m not gone lie it was a big challenge for me. I’ve been working since I was in high school. I was always an over achiever when it came to working at jobs then I realize I was getting bored with working a 9-5. Read more>>

Allie Danziger | CEO & Co-Founder of Ampersand

In the early part of the pandemic, I was spending so much time talking to young professionals that had lost their jobs or internships or were deciding whether or not to return to college now that it was remote. Read more>>

Rosie Dirzanowski | Jewelry Maker

When I first started out a few years ago, it all sort of happened by accident. I hand cut a pair of leather earrings for myself. I decided to post to social media and immediately others showed interest. Read more>>

Kristi Salvato | Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

After years of providing services for and helping others run their business, and spending my free time marketing, I realized I could do this for myself. The only thing holding me back was me, so I jumped head first into starting my own business. I work just as hard, if not harder, but now I can say it’s mine. Read more>>

Tammy Robertson | Event Planner and Consultant

Macy Grace began to come into fruititon around the time my youngest child fled the nest. When she, Macy, left it felt like my whole life went out with her. Recently divorced and rapildy entering into my 50’s, I was faced with a silence that I hadnt felt in over twenty five years. Read more>>

tanya kostetsky | Digital Marketing Consultant

My ultimate goal has always been entrepreneurship. I wanted the freedom that comes with owning a business, and I wanted to live a life where work was a seamless part of who I am. Read more>>

Kaylee Woodard | Sleep Consultant and Occupational Therapist

As a pediatric occupational therapist and mom of 2, I quickly realized how much conflicting and polarizing information was being thrown at new moms, especially when it comes to baby and child sleep. Read more>>

Scorpio Uzuh | DIY Menswear Designer at Sins of Many

To be honest, the Fashion industry (commercially) has done a terrible job when it comes to inclusive representation regarding race, gender, their portfolios, their sizing and overall aesthetic. Read more>>

Dominique Johnson | Real Estate Agent

In college, I took several Marketing courses where we had to do a mock trial of selling a home as a real estate agent. This required research about a property, getting to know the client, and fitting the designs and features of a home to the needs and wants of our client. I always enjoyed giving these presentations. But never thought twice about the career itself. Read more>>

Renovation Manufacturing | Apparel Manufacturer

We started this business thinking of all the woman and men out there that are doing other things like construction and cleaning having the amazing knowledge of sewing. Also know a lot of amazing creators wanting to have a space here they can design new collections or pieces and produce them here local. Made in Texas Read more>>

Crystal Foster | Entrepreneur

My end goal is generational wealth. I did not know how to obtain it as the primary narrative in my home, and with those closest to us, was to go to college and get a job. I did that. Read more>>

Sable Wilson | Event planner and decor

I never thought of turning my creativity into a business, until I started getting so many compliments on my work from family and friends asking why don’t I have a business, I felt that was my confirmation to start. I was currently planning and decorating for family events such as birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, etc. Read more>>

Anatalia Gomez | General Contractor

I was extremely motivated and excited but like all risk, I was terrified just like everything in life we worry about failing before we even think about succeeding and I had to retrain my thought and believe I can make my dream come true. Read more>>

Laurious Jenkins | Certified life/relationship & business coach

I grew up in a family that really encouraged business ownership on my fathers side. My father had a cleaning business and took care of our family for 15years, so business has always been a part of my life. Read more>>