How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Jhon Merizalde Ortiz | Personal Trainer

It starts with passion. We are born with the desire of curiosity. The consistency of curiosity will always keep you learning. Indeed, by natural occurrence you will keep going. In there, you will find sources of motivation or inspiration. But to give up? Thats when you have assessed the risks involved. In order to gain, we must make sacrifices, even as intangible as time. If the sacrifices becomes your inner happiness, then give up. Happiness is more in journey, than the destination. True warrior within will never give up because that was your calling and purpose. Read more>>

Trisha Ekhator | CEO

Honestly I will say you have to be very consistent in everything that you do , I understand it takes a lot having a business but once you start you have to keep going no matter what even on you low days . You will see growth as you go because day by day you get better and improve more. Read more>>

Kirbi Smith | COO Active Faith Sports

That’s simple. As long as God wakes me up everyday I have a reason to keep going. There is a work that God has placed inside of me and until that is done I will do my part to complete it. With that said, I will continue to give myself grace and know that everyday won’t be easy but that is a part of the journey. There is always a lesson that can be learned from the disappointments and what I may deem as a failure. But having and keeping God at the forefront of everything that I do, I can not fail. Read more>>