Society conditions us to believe that winners never quit.  Is that good advice?  We asked some brilliant folks how to know whether to keep going or to give up and try something new.

Chloe Jacobs | Curriculum Specialist and Education Consultant, Artist, Entrepreneur

At least once every few months, I (as many other entrepreneurs), get into a headspace of wanting to give up. I get overwhelmed in administrative tasks, legal obligations, financial woes, crazy schedules, etc. Entrepreneurship can take a toll on your physical and mental health, your family, friendships, romantic relationships, etc. But the feeling of helping others, accomplishing goals, financial freedom, a purpose-driven life, and living your dreams is what makes it all worth it. Read more>>

Sarah Coligan | Owner and Soapmaker

When I first started this business, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what kind of situations I would face. I’ve lost my store during the hurricane to then have an email from HEB asking if I’d be interested in pitching my products to them. I’ve been so close to bankruptcy only to get a huge break and have hundreds of orders come through in one week. But I always remember why I started this, and it keeps me going. Read more>>

Shannon Guillot-Wright | Assistant Professor and Director of Health Policy Research

What a powerful question. I would say, first, it’s less about giving up and more about understanding that paths are never straight – they wind and curve; sometimes you move backwards to get forwards and sometimes you take side streets to get there. With that said, there are definitely times to persevere and times to re-evaluate where you are and where the path is leading. For me, it’s best not to make decisions when I’m already tired and frustrated. Take a day off – take a nap – talk to colleagues – go for a run. Read more>>

Shanda “Mango” Brown | Fitness Professional & Choreographer

No matter what you are doing in life, whether it is running your own business or pursuing a new hobby, you always keep going. When you’re tired physically, mentally, or emotionally you almost always want to give up, but in reality that is when we are supposed to dig deep into the parts of ourselves we haven’t even accessed yet to push through to that finish line. Staying power, fighting through, not quitting is attached to our growth and next level in life. Read more>>

Melba Lee | Artist/Vision Board Coach

I believe that there is a time to keep going on a project and a time to stop. The challenge is knowing when to persist and when to turn and walk away. To continue could lead to success and to stop could cause some to feel like a failure. I think the crossroad comes at the midpoint of your project. It is here that you have to turn off the noise in your head and turn to your inner voice. Listening to your inner voice and seeking wisdom can help you make serious decisions. Read more>>

Yoshiko Burney | Survivor Advocate

The answer is honestly the same for both. When it hurts. But the pain is different for each option. Ever heard of growing pains? These are the things you MUST do to grow to the other side. These things hurt but eventually the pain will go away. They don’t take root and poison you. It’s similar to working out. When you initially start your muscles may hurt. You may become sore in the beginning because you are working muscles and limbs you haven’t in a while or ever. Read more>>

Sylvia Larkin | Assemblage Artist

Ever since I was a child I had this intense urge to create. Since I generate art to satisfy my own needs, I never felt like giving up. However every summer I take sabbatical from the studio, allowing me to re-charge. Over the years I collected unusual and bizarre objects but was not clear about my direction. That is, until I came across work by assemblage artist Michael DeMeng. It was truly a light bulb moment! While I am an assemblage artist, I also explore other mediums . The nature of my work involves found objects, such as discarded wood,metal, old clocks or toys. Read more>>