We had the good fortune of connecting with Chosen Quick and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Chosen, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
I don’t even know where to begin. Which I feel equates to the perspective I have to taking a risk. Its the unknown, its questionable, it can be fearful if you let it but also holds so much opportunity. Not just for growth but also for all the amazing things life experiences have to offer that you couldn’t imagine. I’ve learn to lean into it. In my world fear doesn’t exist its not real unless you feed it, similarity to jeepers creepers and Freddy Krueger. In life whenever the emotion which can commonly be linked to fear, like being scared, feeling anxious, or just over all unsure and doubtful. I take is as a challenge to grow or remain constant. With absolutely nothing in life being constant, who am I to not get with the program, self sabotage, and not evolve. Although the me now is cool its honestly not where I want to stay, its always room to grow and the only way to get there is to push though take those intuitive risks that greet me with the familiar emotion of being scared of basic life lessons to obtain the things I would like to experience in life. I have learned so much in my earlier years of my life from NOT taking the risk I should’ve taken by feeding the fear, but no shame and guilt in the lessons I chose to learn from sitting back for they were needed for me to get confident enough in knowing my power to take the risks to get me where I’m at today. The biggest risk so far was me up and moving from my home in Atlanta, GA to Houston, Tx just to take a risk on myself in every area of my life. which has put me in a position I have never been. Leaning into my fears and taking risk, from risks to facing the past pain, healing, making new friends and networking etc. So although risks can be scary and it may not be known how to go about, its really a blessing in disguise because it shows that you are already in the process of making it change happen just by trusting yourself. The last thing you need is to think feeding the I don’t knows and what ifs. You have the most important what if that cased the risk to appear no need for any conflicting ifs. Life is to be lived, taking shots weather some are missed and some made. Never know if you didn’t make that move. your fears only arise to keep you from obtaining the very thing you want. On the other side of fear is the life you want and deserve. Don’t let the fear of taking risk keep you from enjoying life, because risks are to catapult you while fear will rob you from the exact thing you want if you let it.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I am so proud to be starting a new and seeing all the magnificent things that can occur from me changing my position in life. I honestly got here by the most cliché thing said, not giving up on my story and constantly finding away to keep going. It wasn’t easy but what in this life is easy. Over time by repetition it became easier & easier. The best way I have learned to overcome challenges is by not putting so much pressure on myself by over focusing on the issue at hand and overwhelming myself to the point that I become blind to the solution when it appears or to walk my way through the problem not thinking about the worst possible outcome but continuing to think it will get figured out in the best way. Focusing on what I have control over and releasing the want and need to change and control what I can’t. Working with what you got, making lemonade out of whatever the universe gives you. The world should know if not known yet, will in time know that I am The Brand. I’m a multi facet of talent, skill, and knowledge needed in this time and age. Any thing that leaves my lips and created in my noggin that I present to the world has truly been a personal experience also in connection to universal human experiences existing that’s where and how my story becomes relatable to yours or whomever I cross paths with. As I now say same drink just a different glass.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
New to the Texas scene but I’m a lover and friend of nature so first things first we are going to catch some relaxing vibes and charge up in the sun at a beautiful Texas park. After, time for a quick bite at one of my favorite restaurant veegos and of course after sun-bathing a need to cool down is top priority after grubbing. Nothing a good ole’ daiquiri can’t fix. While sipping head over to the galleria to do a cute little shopping haul in maybe ice skate for more than a few songs. Only to Grab something sweet like a apple jelly filled doughnut from Vegan doughnut & gelato before heading home for a quick outfit change. Then back on the scene to check out the beautiful art Houston is flooded with, hit up a few museums. Book a location and shoot a video. Stop and hit a few thrift stores on Westheimer before seeing the night life maybe skating where I have met my closest friend, or maybe attending one of the most electric energetic fun flowing from the floor and walls dance party I have ever experienced called Soul Control. Not only are the people that attend have the lightest fun engaging but they are down to invite you to have a good time with them as if you are family. There’s more than enough and anything you can think of Texas has it in stored. We Would need more than a weekend to even make a dent.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Shoutout to the old me, the old habits, relationships, mindset and life I lived that died so that I could live the life I have today. Stepping out on a limb from a smaller scale that ended up leading to bigger scaled limb jumping. Traveling to see things I never seen or even my parents haven’t got the chance to see. Reading personal development books such as the power of now but Eckhart Tolle and another favorite who can you trust by Howard E. Butt, Jr. Two books that not only changed my perspective on life and myself but also helped me create the blueprint to my healing to allow myself to be myself authentically from the core. Shout out to the lessons I learned from previous relationships to apply to the amazing new relationships I have attracted today. Shout out to myself for wanting more and pushing for it not giving up on the process and journey. I’m deeply spiritual and believe that the guidance from not just my angels but also my ancestors helped the growth and building of my internal instinct as well as Divine source being there for me. I’m grateful for the every soul that has played a part in my growth in life up to this very moment. Shoutout to Life.

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