We had the good fortune of connecting with @DJRareBeing and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi @DJRareBeing, what matters most to you?

I’ll give you my top three. The principle I value most is to see the good in everything. Even when the situation is bad. I find a lesson or something positive out of every situation. My second principle is to be a person of integrity and good character. My third is to live like everyday is your last. It’s ok to make goals and make bucket lists, but seize the day and what you can do, DO IT NOW.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

I am a DJ. A Female DJ. As an 80s baby, I was born into the perfect generation for music lovers everywhere. Growing up I had a family that listen to various genres of music. I give credit to my family when it comes to my love for music. If it got a beat or a rhythm we are going to listen to it and dance to it. High school I made mixed tapes for people, just recording songs off the radio. Yes, yes, yes, you use to could record with the touch of your hand. Fast forward to college, I was the person making mixed cd’s for everyone and playing music at parties. I didn’t consider myself a DJ during those times, I just knew music, I knew what people liked and I just knew I wasn’t going to have fun if I wasn’t in control of the music lol. Fast forward to my professional career, in adulthood, jeez, I’m old, can’t believe I’m an adult lol. But anyway, we needed a DJ for an event I was coordinating, and at the time I thought the DJ’s were charging too much. So I was like for what they want to charge, I can buy speakers and DJ from my iPad with this app I had downloaded. That was my first time officially djing an event and it was amazing. The response from people made me want to try again, so our next event I stepped it up and bought a little controller. I love the energy of the music and the vibe I get back from the crowd. After my second time, I was sold, I was like I love this and I need to learn how to get better. From there I got on YouTube and started looking up DJ videos and I learned from DJ Angelo and DJ TLM, the rest is history. DJing is a creative art, you are constantly evolving, getting better and you eventually create or form your own style of DJing. I call myself a versatile DJ. There is no genre on this earth I can’t DJ and bring together, make it sound good, and make the crowd love it to. Coming into the DJ world as a female initially was the hardest challenge. DJing is mostly a male dominated art, so from the jump you don’t get taken seriously. If you want to move up pretty fast, its mostly about the look the club is seeking, (exposing your body, wearing tight clothes, sexy look), so for me it was hard because I wanted me getting a DJ job to based on my craft/artistry. I am tomboyish, 6’3, and I unfortunately feel like I didn’t have the look alot of the clubs were seeking. Another challenge for me was talking on the microphone, I had a phobia about it, I didn’t like how my voice sounded, and I was afraid of the response I would get from people. I had to learn to get over that though because the microphone aids in your creativity and allows you to connect with the crowd. I overcame these challenges by first taking public speaking classes and slowly getting myself comfortable with talking on the mic. It got easier with time and now I will get on anybody mic and say anything lol. Social media is what opened up a lot of doors for me because with social media anyone can have access to your work and at any time. You are able to show what you can do more via videos, stories, and that’s what people want to see. I think that DJing has evolved from when I started in 2015, to where females are being more respected now, but its not where it should be, but I believe it will eventually get there. My brand is WolfCutz LLC and my DJ name is DJRareBeing. My DJ name is who I am, I am a Rare Being, a Rare Human, a Rare person, you will never meet another person like me. Most people that I have did gigs for, weddings, events, all use me to this day. I believe DJing is important but personality, the passion for your craft, the lengths you go to make people happy is what propel you in this industry. I believe that sometimes, not all times, but there are times where in order for a club to see your potential, you have to be willing to give of your time for free. I have done countless free (1-2hours) of DJing just to get my name out there.

When you do a dress session make sure you setup so you your name everywhere, shake customers hands or introduce yourself and you handing out cards. It may seem like you’re losing money but you have to look at it as networking. I get a lot of business for saying hey, “Can I DJ for you for 2-3 hours at this even or club for free, just so you see what I have to offer?’ If they don’t like what they see, its no love lost, if they do then I’ve got a new client and potential clients.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Oh man. First let me say I love love love Houston. It has everything, there is so much to do here. Hmmm, ok If my best friend is visiting the first place we’re going in Houston? Ok here we go, so we will start with Saturday. Saturday morning we are going to workout at the bootcamp at Level One Fitness. Then we are going to head over to Salata and grab some lunch. After that we are going to Leon Nails to get our manis and pedis, its a nice family oriented nail shop by the Galleria Mall. Next we are going to Legacy Cigars & Lounge in Stratford, TX, Then late night we are going to Sam’s Boat to get the best Crawfish in Houston. Sunday we are waking up and going to Gangnam Spa and spend the day here relaxing and eating. I love this place, it helps me start my week off right. I typically go every other Sunday, self care is important to me, I value my me time, and getting myself together mentally and spiritually. Then Sunday night we are going to hear some poetry at Nu Poetry Era, which is an event put on by Write About Now, Mic Check, and Sol-Poetry. Monday thru Friday we gone have to play by ear because I be working lol, but my places I have to take them to eat and get drinks would be: Maharaja Bhog (because I love Indian Food) , Lucy’s Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge, Tacos El Bigotes, Pappaduex’s Seafood, Soul Food Vegan, Korny Vibes and Verdine.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
Shoutout to My Grandparents,  Great Aunts and Great Uncles, and My Parents. They raised me and my siblings collaboratively. They set the foundation for the woman I am today. Each pouring into me and creating this artistic gem you see before you today. A lot of music background came from my family who were singers, musicians, and lovers of a variety of genres of music. I got to thank all my kids for keeping me up on the new generation music, they keep me young. I want to also thank the city of Houston for accepting me with open arms. Thank you lastly to Voyage Houston, ShoutoutHTX for this bomb ass editorial on ya girl :)! Peace & Love. 

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