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Hi Dot O, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
Ive become more aware of my balance over time. Before, I knew balance similar to a balance beam; its the left side vs the right side. Keep em equal and you are balanced. But over the years I have begun to realize its not that matter of fact. Balance has now become understood to me in more of a pattern of cause and effect. Like okay I just put alot of stress on this side of a 4d object. I now may have to release eustress on the opposite end just a little bit to keep me at my equilibrium, and i also now understand that our equilibriums change. The things that provide homeostasis in the body at age 10 isnt the same for age 20 ,30 and so on. There is no clear marker it is ever changing like life itself. Then I take that and think of it mentally. How do i keep myself mentally balanced because work will drive a mf crazy you literally put on so many different identities from work and who you are in your real life, and then from how ppl perceive you. all of these perceptions form a weight that you are responsible for maintaining (to a degree). Artists, creatives, entrepreneurs usually are the ones who feel this. So its most important for us to always be mindful of the balance in our breath our thoughts, and our actions That is what i think about balance My personal balance has become more alerting almost like sensors are louder and sharper now. I understand what is being said by my body. My bodys balance is what lets me know how im feeling. Like when you need gas in the car that joint is going to put the light on like ayeee fill me up lol and my body will naturally tell me what i need to do to get it back in balance ( go to gym, drink water, read something, say this dont say that etc ) Its is cool af. I feel like spider man with the sensations it helps me guide my days and be at more peace with the decisions i make and the things i say. Ill also say i think work is a good to balance with whatever your doing because it helps you stay hungry and makes you feel like you need to go harder. Until of course you have mastered the mindset and are able to go full time and change your work life balance into your life work balance. So thats the transition we are amidst…. How long it will take??? who knows,,,, but I will stay balanced as possible to see the end point at its best.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Im most proud of and most excited about the same thing. My Growth! As an artist im opening so many new tricks to my arsenal. Taking my time to nurture each in an timely, and aggresive manner. Listening to my old music there are things i KNEW sounded bad, but did not have the ability, confidence or patience to fix it. But when i listen to my newer stuff i hear myself naturally improving on the things I wasnt able to do in the past. example ( breathing techniques, recording levels, mixing vocals, beat production, rapping cadences, and the list goes on), and even though i have corrected things and overcome some mental blocks from the past there are still things in my present moment where im doing the same thing; just putting the music out even though i KNOW its not perfect. ( Not every song though there are songs i sit on forever til i drop or just never drop) I usually drop them as is with the imperfection because I may never drop it or get back to it. I will love to look back and remember those struggle moments, and points in time. I got where i am today through keeping my eye on the vision in my head. Always being able to see who i am in my head. I cant always tell you the description of that vision moment to moment but for sure i can see and feel what the vision is doing, and I trust in and rely on the vision That is what has got me to where i am today professionally ( whether thats good or bad) . Sometimes you try identifying other peoples visions with your own, or let theirs overshadow yours even though they are not the same. Each of us are unique in our ways. It was easy in the hard times and hard in the easy times. I think its because in the easy time your supposed to prepare and work on whatever you deem important. Takes discipline in the times its easy to do freeing distracting things,( I practice this daily) then once shit hits the fan or the pressure increases your way of being isnt shifted much due to muscle memory. so the affect is not as drastic to you; compared to how someone else is perceiving or experiencing it. I had to overcome not getting discouraged when my way of expression in the music is not easily accepted or even wanted by certain people. Overtime for me it went from confusion, and skepticism to now it keeping me humble, happy, and secured in my own lane. That is why im so appreciative of those who do actually listen to me. Cause they literally dont have to , but you are!!! thats dope to me Too many lessons to choose one, or some! The most important lesson is that there are always more lessons haha What I want the world to know about me is that i am genuine as I can be I dont make music for the masses (though the masses will one day know it) , I make music for whoever takes something from it. Its a very broad, and narrow spectrum I know, but daily it grows and for that im thankful. I hope to reach the younger generation and promote Oneness in our nation! just be whoever you are however you are, and you have a right to move how you want to. just know God counts the final tallies uhmmm… fear no man YEE YEE!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
If my best friend came into town we would be at the crib choppin it up, or not speaking just sittin we would go get food. outdoors or cook indoors. a lil intoxication of course then back to the crib chillin, watchin bullshit, choppin it up, or not speaking just sittin probably EVERYDAY of that week is what we would do plus or minus the intoxication pending the day. with a couple random outings We are realll simple people over here

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
In my personal journey I have been blessed with many aides, instructors, teachers, wise men etc. The one that has remained the longest and the strongest is of course the relation with God, but my brother Brendon (different daddy different mother) is the one who is always there. Mentors me on various things that we encounter in life. He is always apart of the decision making or at least someone I always bounce ideas off of when it comes to the music. If I did it he knows about it. He is my oldest friend who is never around, but always in the know. Our relation is bigger than just music or his profession. We are adventuring life differently, yet we have our common bond that unites us through the many choices life hands to us. I talk to him like I talk to myself, and he does the same. So its a great dynamic to have. The bible, and the Quran are the two basic books I would give credit for support, mentorship, and help of my success. These rules, and insights are priceless jewels once understood and lived. Also my little sister Jola she is always helping me from fashion tips to tracks to release, etc pretty much anything i cant figure out myself she is always a facetime call away. lol Lastly my patna Corey Broady who is a fashion designer. (check him out at coreybroady.com) He always pushes me to go harder or to try something a different way. He is someone who I know has my best interest at heart whenever we interact. Thats my lil holy trinity that has stayed consistent from the beginning

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