We had the good fortune of connecting with Felix Preciado and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Felix, let’s start by talking about what inspires you?
Everything!!! Growing up in the hood of cloverleaf you would see graffiti everywhere which I see it as art. I like to pull different styles and mash them together to create one piece of art. One important piece of inspiration is watching my now five year old son randomly grab his pencils and his sketch book and start drawing. As you grow up you tend to lose the imagination you once had as a kid, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”-picasso. So just sitting there and watching straight raw talent inspires me. I like to ask questions and pick his brain to try and imagine what’s going on in that head of his. I could sit randomly and start seeing lines and highlights of different objects trying to figure it out, trying to see objects flat rather then them having depth. I get inspired by allot of artists mainly local artists, seeing how they push and strive to achieve what they’re achieving. Houston in general is a place of inspiration, you can walk around or drive around and be inspired by your surroundings.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I like blending the old with the new. For example I paint old renaissance paintings but that background will be graffiti, mixing mediums oil paint and spray paint creating a masterpiece. I like making the background messy like something in a back alley but the center piece be real, like a modern twist to what the greats did back in the day.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
As for art you gotta head to downtown Houston and check out the graffiti wall. But driving around you’ll randomly spot art slapped on walls. For some drinks with the misfits of Houston I’d say Lola’s depot. To chow down on some good eats I’d go mikos hot chicken or bbs for some mud bugs.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
Mr. Rey Martinez plays a huge roll of me pushing my art out by throwing me in his first art show he was curating which was my first ever art show being a part of. Marissa my woman for pushing me to paint even when I feel like my stuff isn’t good enough she makes me feel like I’m the best. Zavien my five year old who paints alongside me and says that I need to keep working cause I’m not that great and he’s better then me.

Instagram: Instagram.com/za_art_preciado
Facebook: @zaartpreciado