We had the good fortune of connecting with Lindsey M. Jones and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lindsey, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
I’m a believer of hard work, and for most of my life I worked in corporate America, which required a lot of dedication, endless hours and feeling like I wasn’t receiving what I was putting in. Waking up early, getting home late, working weekends, unable to travel, missing family gatherings and missing church because Sunday was my only day off. Those were my realities. I was working paycheck to paycheck and nothing to show for it. I didn’t have any freedom or stability. What if the company went out of business? What if I get laid off? Why should my career be at the mercy of someone else? I had a lot of sleepless nights wondering how I could start a family with the schedule I had, let alone be there for my family. What would my legacy be? How will my actions and choices affect my children’s children? When God brings a man and a woman together for marriage, it’s not just to get married and start a family, and go on through life. They are supposed to break generational curses together, do something greater than their parents, leave a legacy for their children’s children, and build generational wealth. When I think about my thought process in starting my own business, it was my fiancé’s vision to start a transportation company. When he told me the vision, and we started exchanging ideas, it was like a light turned on. I knew it was time to build something of our own, but most importantly I wanted to make a difference in the world. Starting my own business is something I have never done before nor has it been done in either of our families, and that was the exciting part. We were able to step out on faith, do something no one has ever done in our families, and that changes the whole dynamic. By God’s grace, my fiancé and I are proud owners of a group of companies: NIMERI Foundations, NIMERI Logistics, NIMERI Transports, and Love by Lindsey Michelle. I have so much freedom and mobility to travel, visit family, get back into fitness, and most importantly, building my legacy. I can help people in ways I never have before, such as creating jobs, helping those in need, being a resource to help others start their legacy, and start a business. Leaving corporate America, and starting a business is not for the weak. It is challenging, a lot of trusting in God, but I am gaining more wisdom in how to do it all. I am a God-fearing business owner, entrepreneur, and soon to be wife, with a sense of security and purpose that I can now pass on to others.

What should our readers know about your business?
Many people don’t realize how stagnant our lives, relationships or marriages can be when we don’t invite God into every part of it. Love by Lindsey Michelle is a lifestyle brand that inspires men and women in their faith, worth, home, marriage, relationships, fitness, business, life and style. It teaches others what a home is supposed to look like when you have God as the foundation. It began when I started sharing my testimony that I knew I wanted to show people how to build a relationship with God, what love is, how to be confident in being single (not alone because we are never alone, God is always with us), what love SHOULD look like in relationships, how to date with a foundation, and what “order in the household” looks like. Men and women have a certain role in the household and Love by Lindsey Michelle shows that. I used to be desperate for love. I didn’t know what love was, so I thought I could find love in a man. It caused me to stay in some toxic relationships that had me trapped in insecurity, doubt, and fear of being alone. By God’s grace, I’ve experienced all the land mines in love and relationships, that I can help someone else not step on them. Having God in my life really helped me seeing the bigger plan for my life. In 2019, my focus was to know who God was for myself. I started loving who I was with God, knowing my worth in Him, and trusting God would send a man who loved God more than me. I knew what love was, and then Oise and I started dating right away (God’s way). I’m learning how to pray for my future husband, honor God in our union, be the boss woman, and fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. Inviting God, and truly serving Him has made this such a wonderful journey. I love, love, and I just want everyone to experience that feeling through Love by Lindsey Michelle. NIMERI Foundations is our non-profit organization with a mission to love neighbors as ourselves. My fiancé and I raise donations and take them directly to those in need by churches, women and children’s shelters, specifically widows and orphans here in our Houston community and in Nigeria. Last Thanksgiving, we were able to feed over thirty families from raised donations. A portion of what we earn from NIMERI Transports and Logistics goes to our foundation. Currently, we are expanding NIMERI Foundations and NIMERI Logistics to Armenia. It is our goal to impact the world and create global partnerships to help make the world a better place. NIMERI Transports and NIMERI Logistics is a full-scale transports and logistics company delivering goods and services all over the United States. We first started this journey on the road hauling, while I was dispatching our fleet of trucks. Now, by God’s grace, we have a logistics team that is constantly building lasting relationships with shippers and manufacturers, while we’re able to stay home and grow the business. When we started these companies, we made a plan then invited God into our business, and He has been perfecting it. God has been directing and redirecting us this entire time! It’s been a learning experience and we’ve gained so much wisdom along the journey of building our legacy. Some lessons we have learned along the way, and it’s always good to have a mentor who can give advice from a Kingdom mindset. As we’ve progressed, we’ve learned to always keep friends and business separate, create partnerships with people who see the bigger vision, take trials and failures as learning opportunities, doing favors does not work in business and does not bring profit, and being resourceful is so key. Being an entrepreneur is a complete blessing from the Lord and not for the faint at heart. As long as we keep relying on God’s knowledge, and trusting God completely, He will bring the increase. My fiancé Oise planted the seed, I watered it, but God has been providing light to make it grow. “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:7 NIV

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
For those who follow my Instagram, you are fully aware I love to explore, travel, and try new adventures, especially when it comes to food in Houston. If my best friend were in town visiting Houston for the weekend, I would like to highlight some of my favorite food spots and things to do while she was here! Our weekend would be the BEST TIME EVER. A little back story. I’ve lived in Houston going on 8 years now, but I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I love the popular tv show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. At first, I would look up those restaurants that were featured on the show, but Houston is a big city and has some great things to offer regardless. Whenever I discover new places, I always create a Houston Guide List for friends and family visit. Friday 12pm – Arrival My best friend arrived at 12pm (early arrival and late departure flights are the best for visiting!) picked her up on time, and we head to the hotel. I mentioned being on time because when I first moved to Houston, I didn’t realize how big it was compared to St. Louis, and I underestimated the traffic. I used to run late every time picking up my parents from the airport. Normally, a trip to the airport back home would be about fifteen minutes, but Houston could take up to an hour and half to two hours! I’ve learned and have adjusted. 2pm – Reggae Hut Café I know after picking up my best friend from the airport she has worked up an appetite, and already dressed for any occasion. Reggae Hut Café has some of the most amazing and flavorful Caribbean food I’ve had so far in Houston. Note to self: Order enough beef patties. The beef patties are so amazing. They are sort of like a puff pastry with seasoned beef on the inside. I always recommend the curry chicken with rice and beans, with cabbage. This meal will make you feel like you’re in Montego Bay, Jamaica! 5pm to 8pm – Marriot Marquis Pool Did you know Houston had a Texas shaped lazy river at the Marriot Marquis? Staying at this hotel is totally worth it because it’s located in the heart of downtown Houston. A pass is required to get access to the lazy river pool, but it comes with towels, and tubes to float on. A room with the pool view is an absolute must! The view of downtown Houston is so breathtaking, especially when the sun sets, and you get to see the sun shining off the different buildings. I love this hotel because it is also close to Discovery Green, another amazing view! 9pm – Secret Garden HTX Imagine a greenhouse, a beautiful garden, low lights, and an outdoor patio atmosphere with the cool spring breeze at nighttime. This place is super cute and the perfect spot for evening best friend catch up talk. Sometimes they even have jazz music playing for a real chill and peaceful night. Saturday 10 am – Adair Kitchen and Ice Skating at the Houston Galleria There are so many options at Adair Kitchen from wine and cheese to chicken and waffles! I found out about this restaurant from a friend of mine. I fell in love as soon as I walked in. When you walk in, the back wall catches your eye with the string of lights and plants all around that gives this cozy feel. The ceiling above the coffee bar has this beautiful copper color. I highly recommend the French toast, they have an option for one or three pieces, I would make sure she’d treat herself to three. After brunch, we would hang out at the most luxurious and largest mall that International guests and Houstonians travel to most often, The Galleria. We would take some time to ice skate to work off that amazing brunch we had. I will add, this ice-skating rink is beautiful around the holidays. The Galleria has this huge tree in the middle of the rink. It is a sight to see! 4pm – Present Company for refreshments and pictures We may just go to Present Company for the Instagram worthy pictures, but the atmosphere, palm trees, bright colors, Texas shaped neon light figures will make you want to take pictures the entire time. This place has a good weekend brunch menu, and the patio makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical oasis. 7pm – Grab some cookies from Michael’s Cookie Jar We must treat ourselves to some amazingly and freshly baked cookies. I love the smell of fresh baked cookies, especially when they’re still warm. Michael is always coming up with new flavors of the week, but my all-time favorite is a classic chocolate chip cookie. We won’t be satisfied with just one so it’s a rule that we must order six for the both of us. 8pm – Dinner at Kulture This is an all-time favorite, southern food. What I like to do is order all the sides so my best friend and I can share and try everything. The black-eyed peas are so delicious. It’s located in downtown Houston. It’s walking distance from the hotel, and across the street from where the Houston Astros play at the Minute Maid Park. Sunday 10am – Attending Church at The R.O.C.K. This is my favorite day in the entire weekend when we get to start our week right with including God in every aspect in our lives. Every single obstacle or problem I asked God for guidance about, I have received a message at church every time.. As best friends, we are going to get all the praise and worship this day for this amazing week we had in Houston, and to bless on the upcoming week. 2pm – Egghaus Gourmet The perfect place to grab a bite and end her trip at before she leaves Houston. I wanted something that was light, yummy, and she could take on the run if need be. We can dine in or carry out. Once she sees this place, she may want dine in. The Egghaus Gourmet has everything from breakfast sandwiches, tacos, and kolaches. The restaurant is so beautifully created with plants hanging down, and a flower wall, and the food is excellent, it’s like croissant heaven! 5pm – Departure Bring her back to the airport on time! I hope my best friend enjoyed herself and had the best time ever while visiting Houston. This weekend is the standard “visit Lindsey in Houston” Itinerary. There are so many more places to explore in Houston, and to share them with friends, makes the experience worthwhile!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I give God all the glory for where I am today, and for giving me this life! I took a step out on faith, and that’s something I feel is required to do every day. Every day, I must make the choice to walk in who God created me to be. One thing being an entrepreneur has taught me is really trusting God to perfect the business, and me. “He breaks off every branch in me that does not bear fruit, and he prunes every branch that does bear fruit, so that it will be clean and bear more fruit.” John 15:2 GNB When I invited God into my life and business, I can watch this bible verse and His promises unfold. My fiancé Oise has a saying, “Imagine a truck going 80 miles per hour, and God reaches His hand out to turn the truck in the right direction. That truck is going to get damaged getting turned around going that fast. That is what it feels like when we’re going one way and God has to redirect us.”. We have been through many of those moments, and starting these businesses have been challenging, but I couldn’t imagine doing this without God. “Lindsey, don’t be afraid to shine over me.” That was what my best friend, and now soon to be husband said to me one day. He has consistently pushed me to be my absolute best self, in my faith, home, life, and business. He is everything I have prayed about and so much more. I thank Oise for the man that He is, and supporting me through this journey. This is only the beginning of a new story written by God.

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