There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Courtney Ray Goodson | Brittle Babe & Scriptwriter

It probably seems like I’m a high risk high reward type of person, but for me it’s about choosing to commit to myself and to go down the path that is right for me. I realized I wouldn’t find success in myself unless I chose myself and turns out, I’m a creative who has a lot of seemingly grandiose goals. So I went off the deep end and have found success in different ways at lighting speed. There have been some major highs and major lows, but I can tell you that – despite the lowest of lows – I kept going because I realized, I had never been living authentically to who I was more than this very moment. Owning a creative life and committing has been the most freeing and challenging thing for me, and I wanted to commit to it fully. I’ve sacrificed and boot strapped the hell out of this thing (working 3rd and 4th jobs to raise funds for larger and larger orders), but it’s been so freeing at the same time. Read more>>

Afsaneh Aayani | Scenic Designer & Puppeteer

Well, I take a lot of risks in my life. I’m surrounded by people who also live a crazy life, a risky life. When I started my career 15 years ago I made a big change going from graphic design to puppetry and a lot of people told me it wasn’t a safe choice and they were right. It wasn’t. But it was the best choice to make for me because it shaped me into the person that I am today. All the growth, the travel, exploring the world wouldn’t have happened without that decision. I’m a bit strange because I get a rush from making risky decisions and the stress and adrenaline that comes with it, Leaving my home country and the career I had built to come to the US absolutely shaped my future and I was scared but that’s part of what excited me to do it. Read more>>

Laura Burns | Body Liberation Activist and Yoga Teacher

It’s funny because I don’t seem like a big risk taker – I don’t enjoy gambling, extreme sports, or putting myself in dangerous situations. But my life has been full of other kinds of risks I’ve taken, some that have paid off and some that haven’t. Even the ‘failures’ aren’t really true failures since I learned so much from those experiences. I think about risk a lot! To me the best risk is a safe risk, which means that I know something good will come out of the experience even if it’s me simply learning more about the world and people in general. I’ve taken several big risks in my career over the years, including switching fields after having worked incredibly hard to climb the ranks, leaving the nonprofit world to consult, leaving consulting to become a yoga teacher and body liberation coach, leaving coaching to focus on teaching classes and running retreats, and collaborating with someone outside my field to create a membership community for people with PCOS. Read more>>

V. Jackson | Lash and Brow Artist

To start my whole career was a risk! Coming one year out of college I couldn’t find a job in my field so I decided to go to cosmetology school and get my license. Starting your own business and bring your own boss is a huge risk because you don’t have the “security” of a regular 9-5! I’m such a over thinker when it comes to taking risk for myself and my business. It can take me weeks sometimes to make decisions. But when I’m really undecided or worried I write down what I want to happen in my manifestation journal and I pray over it. Once I make my decision I no longer worry over it because I have faith in God and know it will work out in the end. Every risk I have taken hasn’t failed me yet. Read more>>

Robyn Crowell | Artist Consultant and Mentor

I have supported, encouraged and educated Visual Artists in my community for over two decades. From gallery prep to professional grooming-every time an artist takes ‘the next step’ is a potential risk. I have learned to embrace taking calculated risks to further my mission in helping upcoming artists . No regrets . I would rather fail than put my head down at night and wonder ‘what if?!’ I saw a huge need for Visual Artists to help them begin their business and make a plan. I took a risk and began my Consult Services last year 2019. I take artists personal goals for their art business and customize a step by step plan to achieve e their goals in a real life hands on way. I have had great success with this service but more importantly, my clients have flourished which is my mission. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Read more>>

Lymaris Bernal | Hair Stylist & Entrepreneur

I have learn in life that being too comfortable where you are only means it’s time to get up and go for more. There’s no growing without taking risks! Read more>>