The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Vivian Jacobs, RN MSN/MBA | Wife, Mom of 5, Executive Pastor, Boss to RNs, CEO of ATIA Academy, Podcaster, Author, Personal Development Coach, & Mentor

I believe that the biggest change related to my work life balance was when I discovered how the actual definition of the term “balance” directly applied to my life. There was a point in time when all of my professional and personal responsibilities collided into one another. Read more>>

Amy Scott | Owner, BASH The Woodlands

As a wife and a mother, my first priority will always be my family. I wanted to start a business that wouldn’t take me away from them, and would only add value to our lives. Read more>>

Carla Richards Chassidy Thompson-Lewis | Educator & Event Stylist

We are educators, so we are accustomed to being flexible and balancing 100 tasks at a time. We put on our “superhero” capes and do everything in our power to get things done. Read more>>

Osiris May | PHotographer / Videographer

When I first started all I wanted to do wash shoot. Didn’t mater what or when. Just wanted to capture anything and everything. It consumed almost every aspect of my life. I would be at dinner with the wife, kids and would snap pics of everything on the table. Even the desert lol. Read more>>

Chelsea Sereal | Event Signage & Branding

I started The Sereal Experience while in grad school and working full time. I will be honest, that was not the best idea lol. It is extremely tough working full time, going to school, and trying to run a successful business. Read more>>