By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk. We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken. Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Edward Miranda | Digital Creator, Entrepreneur

risking means betting all the value on myself, having the certainty that my decisions will influence me in a winning way. Take risks in studying, undertaking, creating, etc. plays an important role in my life because every risk has taken me to the next level. Read more>>

Zachary Khushf | Realtor and Real Estate Investor

I think risk taking is important. If you don’t take risks, you miss those opportunities to grow and get into great investments or careers. One thing I love about decisions that involve risk is that you can do research to mitigate those risks. As a real estate investor I will give an example. If I am going to buy a house for an investment there are many risks. You can lose money if the area doesn’t rent well, you can have major damages occur in the home, you can have bad tenants, you can get sued, and the list goes on and on.. Almost all of these things can be mitigated! Read more>>

Lucinda Loya | Interior Designer

I’m a rule breaker. I believe it would be challenging without taking risks as an entrepreneur. When I decided to be a designer, I dove in head first! I had NO idea what it took to be in this challenging industry, but I was tenacious and excited about each learning opportunity. I adopt the same approach when taking chances with our interiors. If we/LLI had a slogan, it would be, “Think out off the box and be original!” I like to take chances in our interiors, which I believe has paid off for Lucinda Loya Interiors. I don’t stick to one esthetic that can be safe, or follow trends. I approach our projects with fresh and original ideas, pertaining a clients needs, lifestyle, architecture and environment. Read more>>

Tiera Deniell | Singer/Songwriter

I think of risk as opportunities to get out of my comfort zone. Being an independent artist I have a lot of freedom when it comes to what I put out but I always face the risk of people not liking the content I put out. But I also think that it’s the risk that makes the experience even more worth it. Read more>>

Brittany Frederick | Field Marketing Manager and Jewelry Slayer

I look at risks differently now than I did when I was younger. As a young adult I was careless without thinking it through, which made taking them seem like more of a gamble. Now I have a strategy for when it works out and a backup plan just in case it doesn’t. So I win no matter what the outcome is! Read more>>

Nyzhae Williams-Nelson | Licensed Cosmetologist & Strategist

With every risk comes great success. My entire career as a licensed cosmetologist required me take risks, even having the thought of starting a cosmetology career takes risks. I feel they teach you to have faith in you as a person and what your purpose in life is. Read more>>

Sharo Brumfield | Certified Life Coach and Licensed Christian Counselor

I believe there is no opportunity without risk. Risk is required to get out of your comfort zone. We must get out of our comfort zone in order to experience success. When I looked at risk as part of the journey and not me loosing something, the more I embraced taking risks. Read more>>

Juls Ochoa | Artist and model

Oh man, I believe every risk you take in life is worth it. No matter what happens, you’ll grow, you’ll learn, and you’ll succeed. Most of my life experiences came from taking risk and I could not be more grateful for each one. Read more>>