We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Chelsea Williams | Owner of Chelsea Williams Photography/ Houston Gorgeous Magazine

Risk is essential for business. I don’t think you should come up with a half baked plan and bet your house on it. But if you invest your time and energy and know you have something great. Bet on yourself! Everyone expects the big thing to happen and then they will take big action but that is backwards. You take BIG action then you will start to see BIG things to happen. If you don’t want to be where you are don’t wait on something to change. You make the change. Not to mention risk is a great motivator to do your best. If you have risked it all you probably will work much harder to succeed than if you hadn’t risked anything at all. Invest in yourself! Read more>>

Briona Phonhrath | Lash Artist

While taking risks was not my cup of tea, it’s what I had to do for me, my business, family, and loving clients. Taking risks is full of uncertainty, but nothing life-changing comes without a risk. I consider that real change happens through instances where we dare to be bold. Taking risks play a significant role in my career. Read more>>

Sade Champagne | Professional Musical Artist, Performer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mentor & Published Author

For me, I consider myself to be a “smart and resourceful risk taker”. I personally don’t believe that I have to risk it all in order to live my dreams. I know many artists, performers, creatives and entrepreneurs have been known to put everything on the line for their goals, but I always thought it was important to make sure my basic necessities were met as I was pursuing my dreams. I only take risks if it’s something I can afford to lose and/or I already know the probability of me winning is extremely high. Even now I still have multiple streams of income and don’t just depend on my dreams to be my main source of income. It’s important to look at life and your career/dreams from the long haul and not just right now. That helps in decision making. Read more>>