Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Stephen Mccarty | Professional Parkour Athlete / Coach

When I think about risk, I think about everyday life and how anything can happen at any time I that are out of our control. Knowing that has helped me learn how to take calculated risk and create a training method around the sport “parkour” When training parkour the athletes are very cautious about everything that can go incorrectly. Addressing this problem is called eliminating variables. Read more>>

Ravi Ray (Lad) | Sound Engineer

I am a first-generation South Asian American, born and raised in Houston of immigrant parents from India. Risk has played an important role in my getting to where I am today. Read more>>

Lezlie Soto | Permanent Makeup Artist

I think of risk as a thrill and a gamble combined. I say a thrill because I feel excitement for what the future has in store for me. A gamble because it feels like I am playing roulette.. Read more>>

Cameron Ramses | Artist and Producer

I think of, risk, especially at a young age as something you need to jump with both feet in because to me there’s no in between or playing it safe at all. And it has been proven many times in this gritty industry that that’s something you need to have. Read more>>

Romel Collins | Artist Photographer

I think risk is necessary for creatives in this world to put themselves out there. Sometimes no risk means no consistency. If people were so focused on being comfortable with what they were doing then they might miss out on opportunities. Read more>>

Ishara Jhacole | Actress | Artist

I make most of my decisions based off what “scares” me most (at the time), my goals, and my family. My risk taking is borderline reckless because I’m so confident and focused, I don’t give myself a chance to “worry” about anything. Straight tunnel vision. Read more>>

Alief Roman | Artist

Most people are scared to take risk or to get out of their comfort zone and play it safe because failure is look down at by society these days but if you don’t try and take risk you will never succeed you will just be stuck in the same place you were already at taking a risk or a leap of faith in a sense change my life I been to a lot of places meet a lot of people achive a lot by taking a risk and chasing my dream even if I don’t reach what I invision I at least tried to reach it instead of regretting and wishing I did in the end Read more>>