A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Holly Coneway | Licensed therapist and Coach

Years ago I was struck with the vision that work-life balance is way more like the constant fluctuation and adjusting of a well-conducted symphony than a static goal to be attained. All too often, we seem to think of “finding” work-life balance as though it is a fixed-point that we will get to somewhere in the future, but I have found that to be a myth. We are the conductors of our own lives and we must learn to constantly be adjusting and changing the mix and balance of the 4 main domains of life (work, play, sleep, and rest). Somedays it might be more work, a few days later, we need more rest, and a few days later, we need more play, and then, moments later, more sleep. Read more>>

Charu Palkamshetty | Mother/Wife/Baker

Being a Mother and a Wife, it is very important to be balanced, does not work all the time but it does most of the time. My first priority is my family, I take care of my family first and then start my work which helps me to be more focused and stress-free. Earlier to having my business I would cook or attend to my family anytime but now, I make sure I finish all my work by noon and start my work. If my work is more detailed and needs more attention, I do so at night, when the kids are off to bed and my kitchen is closed for the house. My music, my hot cup of tea, and my work… solace 🙂 It is very important to be balanced, it helps your mindset and your day revolves around it. If I am balanced, everything around me works out well, if I am stressed, nothing goes well. Read more>>

Amanda Abella | Marketing and Sales Strategist

My idea of work life balance has definitely shifted over time. In my first business, I basically had none. I started as a financial writer and blogger and after six years I realized that if I wanted to ever be able to have a break, that I would need to make some changes. I didn’t grow up around entrepreneurs or a conversation about wealth, so I didn’t know that when you build businesses you want to build something that can run without you. So I made the mistake a lot of us make – I built a business that owned me instead of me owning it. Read more>>

Erin Cummings | Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor

I don’t believe in a “work-life balance.” For me, it’s truly about working my business into my life, because there is so much give and take. Especially with the pandemic, what was considered a “work-life balance” has changed for a lot of people, especially moms. So many of us wear 1,000 different hats as moms all the time that it’s truly impossible to ever find “balance.” Even thinking about the concept of “balance” in yoga class, you need so many things working together. You need breath, you need strength, you need focus, and you need ease. Balancing is not effortless, one just learns how to make everything work together, and I think there is a common misconception that if you find a “work-life balance” life gets easier somehow. Read more>>

Mary Ann Ledesma | Owner, Jackpot Pizza

This is such an important question. We spend so much time working in the hopes of being able to build something bigger than ourselves for our families to enjoy, but in the process, we tend to forget about the here-and-now. Balancing work and personal life is crucial for not only your heart and mind but for your family as well. We are 100% the definition of a family-run small business. On any given day, you will see one of our kids at the restaurant, folding pizza boxes, or answering phones, but we also make sure to allow ourselves at least one weekend day per week off in order to have family time away from the restaurant. Read more>>