Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Mel Mo’Black | Tattoo Artist, Event Coordinator

Taking risks for me has been a significant reason for my success, in just about all aspects. I actually talk about this quite often, ” what’s the worst they can say? No?” I’ve said this so many times! In my adult life I’ve become very unintimidated with rejection, simply because 90% of the times that I’ve said “fuck it” and asked for exactly what I’ve needed or wanted it ends up working out. Being confident and having the drive to follow through, even if the situation isn’t text book, or things get pushed back, or you don’t get to work with the people you want, is really to me what will make things work out in the end. Read more>>

Kevin Melendez | Brand Owner

risk = opportunity Every risk comes with a reward. In life, you must set goals, and sometimes you’ll have to take risks in order to achieve those goals. If you choose to not take a risk when faced with an opportunity, you choose to stay where you are and reject the possibility of growth. Growth is a huge motivator for me because when you believe in yourself, there is no cap to your potential. Taking your first step into something new is a risk. Deciding to put yourself out there is a risk. Spending time and money on a small business idea is a big risk. I am happy for every risky investment or decision I have made to get me where I am today. Read more>>

Jacqueline Levine | Founder and Creative Director

The Crowns Bespoke Jewelry was a side business I had always wanted to take full-time; but with my agency, I never had the time to really grow it the way I wanted. When COVID hit; I was really forced to take a look at my quality of life, and it was then that I made a leap of faith to take my jewelry line to the next level. It is my passion; and I think with great risk comes great rewards. Read more>>

Xach Blunt | Writer & Spoken Word Artist

I’ve never been the most risky. I’ve always been conservative in my calculations. My mom taught me the importance of cost/benefit analysis, early in life, with every whip of the belt. It’s funny, but the lessons were valuable in learning how to hone my anger into passionate self expression, so I’ve never given up the ghost of caution. However, I will say, there has not been a big risk in my artistic career that I’ve taken in which I regret. I quit a job making more money than I ever have in my life to write and perform poetry. That decision couldn’t have put me in a more mentally and emotionally healthy place. Of course I took the “L” on paydays, and I missed my lifestyle very much, but I find happiness will usually make up the difference. It sounds cliché, but conventional wisdom exists for a reason. I’ve traveled places I never been before, not know how I’d be received and was always accepted with applause and open arms. Read more>>

Caleb Lowry | Musician

The biggest risk behind most things worth doing is the amount of time it takes to build up the thing you are trying to do. The first big risk i took in regards to my music project Lagmind would be moving from Upstate NewYork to Houston, Texas. Since then every step along the way to further what i do for the project could be considered a risk as it takes time and money to keep putting out music. Read more>>

Zaetooo | Musician

Being a artist & having this dream is not for the weak it comes with risks literally every day it’s played a good fair in my life such as not being so in public 24/7 all I’m focused on is my dream. Read more>>

Antonio Sanchez | Partner – OIC Digital

To me, risk can be good or bad. People seem to associate risk with only the negative things, but the risk of doing something and the risk of not doing something is just the fear of the uncertain future. To me, all the future is uncertain so I dont focus too much on the negative thoughts which sometimes cloud my thinking. Sometimes you want to be sure of everything that will happen, but I have learned that not all plans go as you think they are. Risk is a balance which can take you to wherever you want to go. The question is… will you jump to the uncertainty of life with an appetite of adventure and curiosity or with a mind full of fear and doubt. Pursue your goals! Have fun with it, and enjoy the ride!. Read more>>

Noah Chavkin | Artist & Designer

Honestly, all of the greatest moments of my life thus far have been the direct result of risk taking. I think that taking risks is the best way to grow as a person because whether or not the risk “pays off” you will gain valuable lessons. The worst case scenario in any given situation is most likely not as bad as you think it is, so my advice is just to take the risk. Letting go of attachment to certain outcomes is the best and most beneficial way to approach life decisions. Read more>>

Shawn Loyola | Custom Clothier | Digital Entrepreneur

Risks are necessary. Calculated risks are a lot more important than just taking them. In my career I’ve understood taking calculated risks aligned with your purpose will ultimately lead to the growth necessary for your next level of life as well as your next steps. Without purpose, a reason, a goal, and intention aligned then your risks will always just be a gamble. Read more>>

Jason Del Bosque | Front Man For Normaria

Risk is such a sensational word. It excites some, and scares others. For me, it just means “chance”. Anytime you take a risk, there is a chance for positive and negative outcomes. You have to believe that the outcome will be great, or negatively-insignificant enough to not stop you from letting your freak flag fly. Dreamers shape the world. I want to inspire, and I guess the opposite of risk, is regret. Read more>>