We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Georgia Joice | Music & Tech Studio Owner & Instructor

Our students are in high development growth. Not only for their personal skills & mindset, but for giving back to our Spring communities. All of our students have a chance multiple times a year to perform for local area rehab facilities for special needs and for seniors at retirement communities. The gift of music is something that is GREAT to regift and see the impact you can have on others. We love to make our audiences smile, sing along, and to feel valued & loved! Read more>>

Pearl Hewitt | Professional Narrator of fiction and nonfiction audiobooks

Audiobooks have developed over many years to become essential and educational tools in some peoples lives but also a great source of entertainment in others. They currently have a huge social impact across all walks of life. An audiobook, for those who don’t know, is a recording of a narrator reading a book word for word from beginning to end. They were initially invented to provide a ‘talking books’ service to visually impaired people almost 100 years ago but in the beginning they were very expensive to produce and were not readily available to the general public. Over the years they became more widely available as technology moved forward and books on tape were being produced. Some were available in libraries and people who weren’t sight-impaired began to listen using tape machines at home or in their cars while commuting. Read more>>

Leah Egwuatu | Dairy-free Blogger, Fitness Trainer, Influencer

I established the Fit Foodie Le blog in 2012 initially as a channel through which I could show other women how to live fit, healthy lifestyles through the documentation of my own healthy meals, recipes, fitness motivation, and workouts. Over the years it has grown and developed into a tool and resource for a vast array of supporters (of various ages, genders, socioeconomic & marital status as well as mothers and non-mothers)! Instagram is absolutely one of my favorite places to engage with my supporters! Through the fitness company I co-own with my husband, Fit Phix, we provide results to men and women all over the globe and motivate them to live and lead healthier lifestyles. I truly believe that setting a healthy standard and example for our families starts at home. Read more>>