We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Tameka Christmas | Personal Brand Strategist, Event Curator, & Influencer

My business help women define their skills, change their financial life, and share their story. Cultivating a place for women to be seen and heard allows us to give women the opportunity to show up for themselves. But not only that, when we change a woman’s mindset we change the community around her. Her family benefits. Her business grows. She becomes in control of her life. She becomes who she’s destined to be. Read more>>

Ashley Cottrell | Makeup Artist

As an artist for over ten years my makeup business Makeup by Ash has impacted the world in a positive, beautiful, and inspiring way. God has truly called me to be an instrument to the community and beauty industry nationwide. I am able to uplift, encourage, and empower women of all nationalities, backgrounds. and age brackets internally and externally through the beautification process. Read more>>

Teresa Barron | Fountain View Farm Wedding & Event Venue Owner

This was one of the main reasons we opened our venue. We truly needed a wedding/event venue of our size in our community and surrounding communities. People tell us this all the time. “We needed a place like this in our area!” Not only have we hosted weddings/vow renewals/birthday events, but we have also hosted numerous school events from local and surrounding community schools. We have hosted proms, banquets, professionals learning retreats, etc.. Read more>>

Hannah Le | Founder of RE.STATEMENT

When it comes to the excessive waste crisis in the fashion industry, 84% of all clothing gets discarded, and 70% of clothes handed to thrift stores or consignment stores don’t get sold. While sure, fashion is fashion, so the unwanted clothes might just be ugly or terribly out of style. Fair, let’s just recycle then, right? Well, not quite. Read more>>

Kayla Franklin | Owner & Creator

I started this brand and business with big thoughts of inclusivity for kids and what that looks like to me. I am a mother of two a girl and a boy and shopping for them became an uncomfortable struggle. With a clear division in clothing stores, one side being bows, sparkles and unicorns and the other side filled with dinosaurs, sharks and trucks. My daughter likes video games and science but there were never any graphic tees in her “section” that allowed her to express those likes. Read more>>

Nikki Revils | Director of Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue

I’m not sure if there was really thought process behind starting Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue. Our former Director and I started out as two people with passion for animals, hers was cleft palate puppies and kittens and mine was blind cats and kittens. We saw a need for a special needs rescue and we took a chance. Its been quite a learning experience as neither of us had any real experience running a rescue. We’ve managed by trial and error and its been quite a ride. Read more>>