We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Nia Jackson | Christian Mindset Coach

The Mindsetting Method teaches people how to regain control of their minds. There are an infinite number of distractions in the world and this revolutionary process that teaches you how to solve your problems and create sustainable success by aligning your beliefs, thoughts, and actions with GOD”s purpose for your life. So many people are suffering various mental challenges, and The Mindsetting Method will teach them that if they learn how to set their mind they won’t have to keep shifting their mind. The benefits of Mindsetting work are compounding and include: -having a solid spiritual, emotional, and mental foundation based on your beliefs & expectations, -having the freedom that comes from a relationship with GOD separate from the rules of religion, -having a clear understanding of your purpose, -being able to reset yourself before you get overwhelmed or broken down, -having a clear headspace to be able to live life according to your own definition of success. Read more>>

Sahira | Dance Performer & Instructor

At first glance, you may not think of belly dance classes as the most earth-shaking, community helping kind of business. In fact, several years after moving from my previous career as an environmental engineer to a dance performer and instructor I began to wonder if it truly was a worthwhile endeavor, as it didn’t seem to have the same impact that my previous career did. I honestly had no idea just how impactful it truly was. Not until I began teaching more did I have women from all walks of life who had joined my classroom community begin to open up to me about how the dance had changed them for the better. Women who had come from abusive marriages found me after class to tell me that through class they were able to find strength and connection to their physical self again. I’ve watched women walk into the classroom with low self-esteem walk out after a few months of class with a posture and a gait that suggest a newfound confidence. Read more>>

Phillip Contreras | Owner

Our company elevates homes and structures out of the flood plain to mitigate future flooding that might occur at the properties. We are a part of many different F.E.M.A grants that assist homeowners in elevating their homes out of the floodway. Post-hurricane Harvey, our company was tasked with elevating over a hundred and fifty homes to ensure homeowners safety from future flooding. We are currently working throughout the state of Texas, from Brazoria County, to Jefferson County, to throughout the coastal region to further ensure the safety of homeowners from future flooding. Read more>>

Natalie Garza | Artist, Designer & Vintage Collector

As an avid second-hand shopper, I’ve turned my love of bargain hunting into a creative business. My business takes the stigma out of secondhand shopping by showing women that they can have unique, eye-catching style that gives them confidence, AND recycles. I love giving these items a new life while keeping them out of landfills. Read more>>

Joe Pirozzolo | Sport Performance Consultant

I am a sport performance consultant and work with athletes to improve their mental game. I was an multi-sport athlete throughout my youth and played college baseball. I attribute much of my educational and professional success to participation in sports in my early life. Sports are often a microcosm of life. You’re faced with challenges, have to compete against your peers, and have to manage your emotions and skills in order to be successful. I help athletes maximize their athletic potential, but also the more global benefit of participating in sports, which can be loosely summarized as developing grit. Great relationships are also built among teammates and with coaches. I help athletes play at their highest ability so they can experience all the great things sports have to offer. Read more>>

Aaron Groff | Executive Director, Mayor of Fulshear & Owner

Abigail’s Place provides Hope through Housing. We provide transitional housing for Single Mothers and their Children. Our typical family stays in a 3 bedroom unit for 3-4 months while they better their situation to position themselves to get a long term solution. Most of our clients get resources, while in the shelter, that increases their earning potential. Or the time allows them the opportunity to save income to secure long-term housing. As Mayor I serve as an advocate for our residents and City. Fulshear is the fastest growing city in the State so I work closely with strategic partners to ensure that the City can manage the growth and maintain our charm. As owner of Groff Consulting I work with churches and nonprofits to create strategic plans and build healthy teams. Read more>>

Karla Manning | School Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist, Staff Development Trainer & Culturally Responsive Curriculum Developer

My business helps the community/larger society in that I’m working with educators and school leaders in their efforts to create equitable change within their classrooms and school districts. My work focuses on building the capacities and skillsets of educators and principals in their work with racially and culturally diverse students. The services I provide with my company, The Equity Leadership Group, helps educators to create teaching practices that are culturally responsive to the needs of students, while also strategizing with school leaders in designing equitable policies. Read more>>