We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Abraham Pena | Cook & Entrepreneur

Abe’s fitty foods is an aspiring meal company with a mission to introduce healthy lifestyles to individuals wanting to become the best version of themselves.! the members of our company; Abe, Gus, & Rudy have been through their fair trails of adversity, with each of them losing 100 pounds.! We also strive to inspire that anybody can achieve weight loss goals as long as you’re willing to put in the work in both nutrition and exercise! Read more>>

Raul Martinez | Office Manager

Our work space options will help many individuals and small businesses since we offer a wide variety of options. We will have private offices, virtual offices and desks where people can work from. Read more>>

Divine Katoure | Commercial Real Estate Leasing Director and Founder of Learn Commercial Real Estate

There were so many struggles entering commercial real estate. The learning curve is enormous, and it’s important to find a really good mentor, and this is where the problem came in. Commercial industry professionals are not keen on openly sharing knowledge and information with outsiders or newbies. Commercial agents have the potential to earn life-changing commissions on one deal alone. It takes a lot of time and effort to mentor and guides someone to be great in commercial real estate. Read more>>

MIRIAH SOLIZ | Founding Attorney of The Soliz Law Firm

At The Soliz Law Firm, we are committed solely to representing people who have been seriously injured or lost loved ones due to a catastrophic incident. Our legal team concentrates all of its efforts, experience, and resources on achieving the best possible results for our clients. We are nationally known and rated as one of the top personal injury law firms in Texas, which allows us the financial ability to handle cases of all sizes and complexities. My favorite thing about being a trial lawyer is helping people defeat large companies that try to hide and deny responsibility for their actions. Read more>>

Mikka Arrington | Owner and Hair Stylist, Mikka Arrington Salon

I have committed to using my platform for bridging gaps between races; creeds; religions; ages; sexualities; etc. by learning to do hair. Not just the textures that belong to my race/culture/creed, but learning to LOVE ALL of the fabrics of hair. My family is multicultural, so I refuse to be a segregated salon! I proudly service women who wear hijab; Hispanic; Black; White; Asian, including but not limited to Middle Eastern; Women and Men (though I am not a Barber, nor do I possess Barbering skills); members of the LGBTQ+ Community; Children; I also service children and adults with special needs…I have clients as young as 24 months to a client in her late 80’s…I work on textures that range from coils to waves; relaxed and naturally straight. I just love that I never get bored! Read more>>

Kera Kidd | Board Certified Behavior Analyst

My business serves the autism population and we deliver applied behavior analysis therapy and our focus is to help those on the spectrum increase there communication, social skills, and decrease behavioral issues. Our main goal is to help those on the spectrum become as independent as possible within their environment. I’ve watched children overcome their barriers and do things like go into mainstream kindergarten, be able to obtain jobs, order their own meals, and overall be proud of themselves and what they’ve accomplished. I think also a part of what we do is make those in the community more aware of those who are different and more aware of those with social difficulties and how to adapt and/or help them. Read more>>

Alfredo Salvi | Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach

My business and any other that shares mine goals, has a great and wonderful impact in any community since I’m focus on improving everybody health and lifestyle. My job is not just preparing meal plans, or nutritional plans for my clients, my main goal is teaching them to recognize the kind of food they need to get healthier lives and avoid illness. In the same way, more than training my clients I teach them how to recognize the exercises, movements and routines they need in order to achieve their own goals. Read more>>

Krab Kingz Seafood | Restaurant

Krab Kingz Seafood has been built around family and community. We don’t forget those that helped us get where we are. We make sure to help out our local schools, churches and families through sponsorships and collaboration to build a strong community. Read more>>