We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Le’Don Williams | Co-founder of iLL TRiBE Dance Company and TRiBAL GROUNDS Hip Hop Dance Festival

We interact with our community on a face to face, and very genuine level. We do our best to always stay true to the essence of what Hip Hop dance culture is meant too be and will continue to be throughout our time here. Peace, Love and Unity is what we promote. We strive to always create a positive environment for any and everyone to be themselves how they see fit, and join in with others that enjoy expressing themselves in the same way. Read more>>

Monet Ledbetter-Glaude | Music Producer, Teaching Artist & Children’s Entertainer

My business helps the community and the world by providing hope and inspiration to people of all ages through our music and arts education programs. We offer piano, voice, bass, and drum lessons as well as edutainment shows for young children with motivational messages to promote self-esteem and mental health awareness. Read more>>

Dominique M McGee | Survivor Leader/Breakin Khainz Founder/ Actress

My business is a nonprofit organization named “Breakin Khainz ” we aid survivors of abuse and traumas,at-risk youths and young adults into picking up the pieces to a better life. We know of the many hardships many of us face in our lives and on our road to success. Our organization is an abuse and human trafficking survivor led organization. We are hear to aid in the betterment of those in our communities who need us the most and by doing so we are reaching in and uplifting the very , families,hearts,and homes throughout our communities making room for positive economic impact and growth. Read more>>

Marina Banks McLaughlin | Trademark & Business Attorney

My business helps entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to get legally protected. A lot of times when people think of lawyers they think of the people they would call if they were the party of a lawsuit or got into criminal trouble. With my law firm, I am able to help educate entrepreneurs and business owners on the importance of registering their businesses, filing trademarks to protect their brand, and copyrighting original creative pieces. Read more>>

Emmanuel Ebirim | Personal Trainer, Fitness Influencer, Entrepreneur and Medical Student

Fitness has a misconception as solely being used to manage body weight and physical appearance. It’s also commonly viewed as a strenuous and difficult experience, that only a select few grow to understand and appreciate. However, that is far from the truth. I believe that fitness offers a variety of benefits, such as being a vector for sustainable health improvements, an easily accessible preventative measure for negative health outcomes, a gateway for building discipline and motivation to take on new challenges, and of course a boost in self-esteem. Read more>>

Maram Shakshuki | Realtor

One of the primary roles of a realtor is to help people find suitable homes. This can have a significant impact on people’s lives as finding the right home can be a life-changing event. A realtor can help a family find a home in a good neighborhood, close to their work or school, and within their budget, which can improve their quality of life. And there’s a lot more stress and emotions when it comes to moving homes, I was born as an expat which means I travelled and moved around a lot, that’s why I know how deeply moving could impact your lif. Read more>>