We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Ezekiel Huerta | Owner

Staying focused. Focusing on myself and no one else and also a lot of hard work and consistency. Read more>>

Krystal Gloston | Business Owner | Digital Content Creator

Creating healthy habits for myself changed my life. My 4 top habits that I include in my daily life would be; consistency, discipline, meditation & healthy eating. Read more>>

Sophia Wasu | The ‘Don’t Mix It’ cake lady.

I think the most important habit that helped be succeed was to stay consistent. Making sure I was posting what was true to me and having a schedule. I knew that I had to get most of my video up and done during the beginning of the week, bc being a mom of three, things get messy towards the end of the week. Till today I post a new recipe for my “Don’t mix it cakes” every monday. Also, I never worried about how many views it was getting or how it was doing, I knew I was doing something fun and it was just for me, Read more>>

Henry Madubuike | Podcaster & Artist

No one can define success for you; it is something you must define for yourself. Success might imply a sense of contributing to society and making a difference. It might imply a sense of success and advancement in your job. It might imply being able to pursue your passions. It might mean being able to provide your children with the greatest possible upbringing. One thing I feel helped me is my ability to use my mind and pinpoint whatever I want. Read more>>

Jastin Artis | Artist/A&R

It’s important to point out first you must build habits. Good habits. I can think of several habits that helped me reach success but one that is a must-have is not doing things based on how you feel. If you based everything on how you feel you’d probably do nothing. Being great and reaching personal success is not dictated by how you feel it’s your actions. Read more>>

Tianna Jenkins | Creative Practitioner of CosignedByGod and CosignedByGod Public Relations Group

When I started CosignedByGod, I knew I wanted to start a brand that was catered to believers but not only limited to believers. I had to implement healthy habits into my journey to see the growth of my brand. I want to elaborate on the fact that I didn’t have a business plan or marketing plan in front of me. I winged my way into starting CosignedByGod because I am a Christian, a believer, a lover of God and God’s people. Read more>>

Kayla Davis | Owner of Who’s That Lady Boutique

I start my day by writing down my daily affirmations and responsibilities. Prioritizing and setting guidelines for myself has also helped me tremendously with my success. Read more>>

Crystal Saldivar | Fitness instructor at 9Round Westheimer

Running a business can be quite overwhelming especially during a pandemic as we are experiencing. A quote I live by ” Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain – Vivian Greene. To me it means don’t waste time waiting for the perfect day or opportunity, we all face trials and tribulations in life it’s how you respond to them that makes or breaks you. Always get back up and keep going. Read more>>