There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Shay Jackson | Food & Life Blogger,

Having a strong support system. As a food blogger, sometimes I question my own work and seek feedback. My husband is the person I turn to for advice and feedback on my work. We both have a background in Graphic Design, he ‘s also a retired photographer. Read more>>

ocho | Filmmaker

Two things. First, my passion for Rap music. I was a rapper for over 20 years, so I understand the struggles to establish your brand as an upcoming rapper, and as a consumer of the culture, I know how it looks and feels. I have rapped, produced, and DJed but didn’t have the resources to make rap music videos, so I enjoy staying within my lane and being thankful that I can do it now. Read more>>

Aliyah Eshe’ | Artist – Singer

There are so many talented musicians and performers in Houston. I think one of the most important factors of my behind my success and my brand is sticking to my craft and staying true to myself. I think it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else may be doing, but you loose yourself that way. Read more>>

Ines Alvidres | Artist

I don’t think any profession is easy especially if you want to be the best. Speaking from an artist perspective, as glamorous as it might seem, it is not. It can be extremely hard at times. I have learned with experience that the struggles and challenges are going to come, no matter what profession I have chosen. Read more>>

Darren Stewart | Personal Trainer

It’s funny how this response has changed almost every year as my business has grown. Over the past couple of years I would have to say the main force behind my business growth has been brand recognition. A lot of my marketing efforts recently have been geared towards a constant market presence. Read more>>

Natalie & Candice Donofrio & Gurr | CEO & Founder of JNC Branding

I think going into our second year in business that the biggest factor behind our success is balance, automation, and scaling. Our first year in business we had little to no work life balance and we felt it. Both Candice and I (Natalie) saw the importance of time off and balance and have put systems in place to allow that freedom for ourselves and our families. Read more>>

Monica Alanis | Quince and Destination Wedding Photographer

So far I have to thank my friends and past clients. They have booth been amazing when it come to referring me to others or reposting my work. 80% of my new clients have been return clients or referred clients. Read more>>