A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been i
nspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Chelsea Dilworth | Founder

The youth! Hands down when I thought about building this nonprofit I thought about everyone eighteen years or younger and how impressionable they are, how much they need positive and reassuring guidance. Read more>>

Daniel Villarreal | Photographer/Videographer

Inspiration to me comes effortless at times. I get a lot of my ideas while driving, something about driving and playing music is relaxing to my mind. ideas also come in a form of a word. It can be initiated with a word I’ve had in my mind for some time. Recently I been thinking of the word conundrum. Then I ask myself…. How do I make this word come to life within my photography. I need a concept, location, and fashion then falls into place. To be honest inspiration can come from anything at times. From a simple flower on the floor or the vibrant hues of an old house that remind me something out of Edward’s Scissorhands. Yes, like everyone else I come across creative block, I simply take 15 min to let my mind rest. Then it’s back to creating. Read more>>

Dorian Fernandez | Biologist, Creator, and Photographer

I’m inspired by life. Everything that goes down around me, to me, within me. All that. I take what I see, what I hear, what I experience and put it behind everything I create. Whether it be clothes, paint, woodwork etc. I try to translate that external energy into something tangible. Read more>>

Jonette Wantee | Private Chef/Caterer/Virtual Restauranteur

I am inspired by the thought of creating generational wealth for my family and my generations to come. Read more>>

Mithra Narasimhan | Founder of Acajú Cashew Yogurt

I am inspired by people who have the hope and spirit to make a positive impact on the world in whatever way they can, small or big. I look up to the people who use their energy to solve problems that they feel strongly about. There is ample reason for outrage in this world as we spend so much time online, consuming news from multiple sources. It is easy to feel hopeless and cynical about the future. Yet, I see people spending their time volunteering, creating, starting businesses, playing an active role in their local community to help each other. This energizes me, and inspires me to look at problems that are close to my heart and spend time working on solutions. This quote by author and speaker Colleen Patrick Goudreau, sums it up best, and are words I live by every day: “Every minute we spend being outraged is a minute we could spend being effective”. Read more>>

Wakiyan Goulet | Musician, Singer, & Songwriter

I was inspired to play and write music by KISS. More specifically, their original lead guitarist, Ace Frehley. When I listened to KISS’ song, “Detroit Rock City” for the first time, I was blown away from Ace Frehley’s guitar solo. After listening to that song for the first time, I thought to myself, “That’s it, I want to play guitar.” Read more>>