Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kingsley Igwilo | Professional Storyteller with a lens

To fully understand my answer I’d need to give you a little background on the guy behind the lens. My family and I migrated to the U.S. in 1992 from Nigeria, I was 2 1/2 years old. As cliche as it may sound my parents were on the pursuit of a better life. I can assume the appeal of America was too great to pass up. So as it turns out we settled in Texas, south side of Houston to be specific. Here we were, my 2 older siblings my parents and myself. Both my parents were degree holders and for the most part I came from a 2 parent home with two working parents. Read more>>

Chris Green | Owner of Mean Green & Fitness Enthusiast

I started my own business for several things. Personally, after not succeeding in a professional basketball career, I desire freedom. Freedom to create wealth, impact people and to do what I love. From my past up bringing from my parents and what basketball developed within me, fitness was a perfect fit for me. I’m able to use my perspective to empower people to believe. That’s why I wanted to create my own brand. Read more>>

Jazmin Gatica | Lash Artist & CEO of Rose Lashes

Honestly, starting my own business at the age of 21 was never my plan. I would see my uncles running their own business and always thought it would be nice to have that. I decided to take a lashing course for fun, as a hobby. Never in my mind I would’ve thought that 2 years later I would’ve been able to quit and fully depend on it. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get where I am now. Starting off was sometimes rough as I would get discouraged easily, with time I started seeing the impact I would have on my clients, that is when I knew this was my happy place. I grew love to what I do and I hope to later on keep expanding my business. Read more>>

Kathleen Cisarik | Founder & Designer of KMC Handbags

The thought process behind starting KMC Handbags involved a lot of decision marking whether I wanted to pursue KMC full-time. After I graduated from Baylor in May of 2020, I started working for Kendra Scott in Austin, Texas in Inventory Control. I always dreamed of having my own business one day but wanted to gain experience in the fashion industry, especially with one who started from the ground up. Due to Covid, Kendra Scott wasn’t able to hire me on full-time after my 6-month contract position, so I knew this would be a great opportunity to look into establishing KMC as an LCC and start researching handbag manufacturers. Read more>>

Luis Falcon | Entrepreneur & owner of Butatita LLC

We Work on the development of a unique product, as a different alternative to market proposals, in turn, would make us achieve economic independence; working on something we love it. Read more>>

Christine and Kevin | Soap makers

I would say the business developed because of a supply demand, we ourselves begin the demand! We needed good skincare products to use personally and we learned how to make them. We also wanted to create a business model and promote products that were better for the environment than what many mainstream skincare products were offering. Read more>>

Tosika Fridia | Business Owner & Creator

Corporate America is necessary but it, like anything else, can be unkind and unfair. I was a part of that for over 20 years. I gained a lot of knowledge, enhanced a lot of skills, and met a tremendous amount of good people but I also suffered at times. The pandemic hit and all of my coping mechanisms failed me so I was forced to deal with anxiety and depression head on. I was at work battling to constantly prove myself when my value was blatant. I knew I had to do something. Even though I had a “little side hustle”, as people like to call it, prior to this, it was all or nothing this time because I decided this is how I would win over childhood trauma, doubt, and bad energy. Read more>>

Tecovia Stepp | Braid Specialist and Natural Hair Enthusiast

When I decided to start my own business it came from being a co-parenting mother who wanted to be able to provide for my son in more ways than just monetarily, For me, it meant being able to go to the school field trips and events, participate in sports activities; to just be present for my son. I was tired of having to ask for permission to be a parent. I wanted to make sure I was able to make enough to sustain a comfortable life and have a positive work-life balance in which I was able to be there when it counted. Read more>>

Becca Hovey | Printmaker

I started blockprinting in 2017 as a hobby and was instantly in love with the medium. My collection of art supplies grew and grew as I worked seasonal jobs around the world and I gradually started selling my wares here and there along the way. In 2020 my partner and I moved to Texas and I was able to focus a lot more on my art practice as a business. All that to say; my personal journey to start my own business was more of a slow burn that ignited to what it is today. I love where I’m at and excited to keep growing my business. Read more>>

Brit & Vic | Hey, Sugar Sugar Shaved Ice owners

We love shaved ice! Even more than that, ever since we were young, we both had dreamed of having our own shaved ice trailer. Something about the small town feel of getting a shaved ice with your family on a warm Summer evening just made us both so nostalgic. Plus, an old school snow cone trailer was something missing from our own community that we knew could be really successful. Read more>>

Joshua Wilder | Hempstead Native CEO and Founder of Lou Jordan Lane Collection

Business ownership has always been a goal for us. We are striving the leave behind a family legacy and it was important that we build generational wealth. We named our company Lou Jordan Lane after my late grandmother and it all goes back to life installments and legacy. Read more>>

Klay Cole | Photographer & Videographer

Growing up photography and videography was just a hobby for me that brought peace of mind because I had the ability to bring joy to others through my lens. I decided to invest in myself and make my hobby a business, which has turned out to be very successful! I love having this opportunity to always be creative. Read more>>

Taylor Daugherty | Founder

I decided to start Khanyele Wellness after years of researching and creating products for my friends and myself to use in our self-care routines. When I decided to turn it into a business I wanted my customers to feel like I was creating products just for them and any issues they were experiencing. Read more>>

West Harvest | CEO Illuminated Wear

I have been pursuing entrepreneurship since I attained my degree in Entrepreneurship back in 2012. I have tried several businesses in the past that just wasn’t satisfying. I have always enjoyed graphic design work and became a self taught graphic designer. I figured the best way to display my graphics were to put them on shirts. I researched what equipment I needed and decided embroidery would allow me to create until my heart was content. Read more>>

Dr. Shara Fontaine | Owner of a residential home for abused, neglected and trafficked teen girls

Entrepreneurship has always been a goal for me. I can remember being a young girl in the Urban League where we had to start our own businesses. I had a babysitting service complete with cards and references. I have always been independent person who has no fear when it comes to taking risk. As an officer in the United States Air Force, I can remember how stressful it was when we wanted to take a leave of absence. Read more>>

Tolu Roli Taiwo | Entreprenuer & Small Business Owner

I believe a common question business owners ask themselves when deciding what type of business to launch is “How can I meet a need?’ “What is something that we all needs but don’t have enough of?” In my case, there was not a thought process at the beginning. It was more of a “Just do it” type of thing. Now, we are at the “learn as you go stage.” Which honestly, I am enjoying. When I realized my business needed to meet a need in order to thrive, I did some research and a whole lot of praying. It took some time, but I was finally able to answer. 1. We all need Jesus and 2. Clothes are our everyday essentials. So bam! Jesus on a T-shirt! Just kidding. But hopefully you get the point. Read more>>