Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Damon Ojeda | Energy Consultant

The thought process behind starting my own business came down to one thing. Transparency. Being in the energy industry for 11 years and working for multiple firms. I realized the most important aspects of my business was to be transparent and educating the customer. Read more>>

Donae Chramosta | Preowned Luxury Business owner, Podcaster, Philanthropist, Style Setter,

I created the Vintage Contessa from a passion I had my entire life. I reflected to identify the biggest priorities in my life…the parts of my life that were most meaningful. I discovered a term ikegai. It’s the process of reflecting to identify what you love to do, what your good at, what the world needs from you and what you can get paid to do. My passion is and always has been fashion and the connection that surrounds fashion. I followed my passion by creating a business to buy and sell preowned luxury goods, while making a difference in the community and prioritizing time with my family. Read more>>

Artisan English | Tattoo Artist & Creative

I started tattooing after I got my second BAD tattoo! Luckily, I have them covered now. That second one I really was like, I can draw so if anybody is gonna mess me up it’s going to be me. A girl I was dating got me my first machine and I’ve been doing it ever since. Read more>>

Latoria Williams | Learning & Development Strategist | Certified Career Coach

It was a natural thought process when starting The Career DevelopMENTOR. I have always been someone who loved to educate individuals on different things. I worked as a therapist at a substance and mental health rehabilitation hospital, educating patients on methods to reduce relapse by enhancing their coping skills. I have been working as a Corporate Trainer for many years educating employees on skills such as time management, goal setting, leadership and more to hep them thrive in their careers. With me working in Corporate America I was able to identify that most young professionals did amazing work; Read more>>

Charles Williams | Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer

1921 Ground Zero was put on for the Houston community to give creatives and entrepreneurs a platform to gain more exposure and customers. This event purpose is to bridge buyers and brands while also providing opportunities for each to learn, network and conduct new business. Read more>>

Travis Weaver | Amateur bookbinder, professional paper hoarder

I used to do a lot of journaling as a kid but found that unlike most people who feel better after getting their thoughts down on paper, my thoughts got louder and harder to escape. Naturally I stopped journaling, but my love of notebooks, journals and paper continued. I am constantly “collecting” notebooks and decorative papers. Also as a kid I was mesmerized by my mother’s and grandmother’s needlepoint and embroidery artwork but quickly came to realize that I have no patience for it. Read more>>

Brent Law | An accomplished leader whom is very professional with an impressive history of top performances

To create generational wealth, independence and freedom for myself and family. In doing so, did my research. I wanted to to make sure I understood the industry Ill be involved in so I can dominate. … I then determine my audience. …I created a mission , I then built my structure …I mapped out my finances, while learning and ensuring I understood my tax burden, I reviewed all the risk to understand what they were, and I then created a business plan. Read more>>

Jocelyn Puente | Risen Customs CEO

I never thought I would be someone who would open up a business, when the thought first popped up in my mind I was at a Bible school and had more than enough time on my hands. I was always very crafty and loved to draw and express myself that way. One day I was just laying down in bed and thought to myself that I could paint on shoes what I draw on paper. That thought stayed in my head and wasn’t sure if it was even possible or where I could start. But I took that leap of faith and began doing research and started my Instagram! Read more>>

Septembria Martin | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

My thought process of starting my own business, I thought it would be years from now. Just a dream of today for tomorrow, not really knowing that I would be propelled directly into. My main goal is to always put my customers first and to ensure their safety. I lead with my heart and conduct myself in a manner as if I would want to be treated by any company. The reason being, I want my customers to know that I hold myself to the highest standard of producing the best products that we can and to ensure the truth behind every word declared about the product. Read more>>

Jaime Hayde | Graphic illustrator

After The university I did several internships, around two years applying to several works and trying to find my place. One day I was working on a branding studio and the director had a talk with me, she encouraged me to follow my heart and try my solo adventure as illustrator. Read more>>

Yazan Al koudsi | Travel influencer

I started sharing my travel pictures when I used to be a flight attendant and some posts went viral and people start asking me about tips and tricks and I figured out that i really love social media so I decided to take it to the next level and focus more on make it professional Read more>>

Don B. | Creative Consultant

The mission statement of our company is ” To create an atmosphere that promotes independent dreams by providing the necessary love, support and resources.” The thought was that simply through genuine respect and support, strong foundations can be built in order to build solid relationships as well as solid careers. Read more>>

Markeda and Jermaine | Owners

My thought process behind starting my own business was to help people. We have a lot of people in this world that need help changing their health for the better. Such things are reversing diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Read more>>

Ashley Aleman | Business Women & Aspiring Artist

Being able to inspire young ladies or ladies to create there own brand from the ground up. I just grew up always wanting my own brand seeing other girls , artist and ladies have there own made me want to do my own. Read more>>

Camillya Masunda | Founder & Ceo Ebony Wine & Spirits

Starting a business is a beautiful scary, yet exciting journey. It is not always easy and that’s why creating a business or brand that is aligned with your purpose is so important the journey or entrepreneurship is a journey of self-discovery and growth it recreates the way you think about things from consumer to creator and seller. It’s no particular right time to join or start your journey because it’s very much like riding a bike you simple have to get on and you may fall a few times but if you get back up and keep at it business gets really good. Read more>>