Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Crystal Rae | Writer, actress, Founder and CEO of Crystal Rae Productions

I had been tiptoeing around the idea of my business for a while. I went to audition for Lion King and after not being cast at all not even as a single blade of dancing grass I drove from St Louis back to Abilene Texas full of tears in my eyes and the thought that if they weren’t going to cast me I would cast myself I would write it I would direct it I would put it up. Read more>>

Kai Chavers | Natural Hair Products

I came up with the idea of Kustom Kurlz for two main reasons. The first one being to promote health. Most people want their natural hair to be strong, long, and healthy. However most don’t know that no matter what product you use healthy hair starts with a healthy body. So, I try to promote health through natural hair, in hopes of giving people a reason to take care of there bodies. Read more>>

Quentin Guillory | Pro Barber Educator/Bald Head Specialist

While looking around and trying many over the counter produces and a few DIYs, I learned quickly that there were more product really for me. Through research and asking many bald people questions,, I found out we all dealt with the same issues ie dryness, oily scalp, razor bumps, hyperpigmentation and possibility of scalp cancer. So I decided to create it from that Officially Bald was born. Read more>>

Kennisha Marshall | Balloon Stylist & Sonographer

I came up with the idea because I love all things crafty and creative! I started doing decor for my family & my kids parties and I had a lot of inquiries. So God laid it in my heart to start an event planning business. I also have a career in Sonography so I had to cut back on the event planning, but it led me to focus on what I enjoyed designing most, BALLOONS! Balloons let you be creative & crafty all at the same time while still bringing joy to someone. Read more>>