Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Maurielle Laurenne | Cosmic Coach

I wanted my life figured out for me! I think everybody does. We all secretly wonder “What is my purpose, and what should I really be doing with my career and relationships?” We’re hoping for a sign that points us in the right direction. My cosmic coaching business was founded to provide professionals with the same kind of clarity, confirmation, and confidence about their life path that I had always wanted for myself and which I ultimately found through the use of astrology as a tool to chart my course. Astrology uses a map of the sky when you were born to provide information about where you’re going. Since the beginning of time, maps have been used to figure out direction. Your life has a map, too. Read more>>

Velma Medina | Blogger

Savanah, my five year old is the reason for my blog and with the encouragement of my husband, Caffeine and Cardigans was created. Growing up without a mom I didn’t get the chance to make memories that I can look back on and share with my own children. I don’t recall having any pictures of my mother or any pictures of us for that matter. Somewhere along the way they got lost, stolen or damaged. The only photo I do have of my mother is a black and white photo of when she was a teenager. And the one memory I do recall is her love of decorating for every holiday which is something I also do for my family. Read more>>

Courtney Kalaher | Out Loud Dance Founder and Teacher

Out Loud Dance was formed with the desire to provide a place where students with and without disabilities could create, collaborate and share in the joy of movement. After several years of teaching dance and arts integration classes for different elementary and high schools I began teaching a class at the university level for post secondary students with disabilities. The course focused on nonverbal communication and personal and shared space in various settings. With the belief that movement is a natural form of communication we explored the subject matter through a creative movement lens. Around the same time I had three year old twin daughters starting their first dance class. Read more>>

Jacq Garcia | Artist & Pinmaker

JacqPins came about when I decided to combine my love for enamel pins and my artistic skills. I have been creating art since I was very young- I love creating with different intentions whether they be observations from life, fan art, or original characters it was only natural to take the turn to creating different merchandise including my artwork. Read more>>

Brad Otto | Founder and President of Acts of Wisdom

One Sunday in 2012, we had someone come and visit the church I was serving to talk about the water crisis in the world. He was a representative to an organization called Water to Thrive. As he talked I felt a calling, I believe the whole congregation felt a calling to do be a part of the solution, and so we decided to fund a water well. Little did I know that when it was all over we were sponsoring TWO waters wells. I was asked to travel with Water to Thrive to help build these two water wells. I didn’t hesitate, and the next year I traveled to the country of Ethiopia with my church group. It was May 2013. I couldn’t believe I was on this journey. Read more>>

Mayem Metzger | Behavior Analyst, Self-taught Baker

My business is a happy mix of the two things that are very passionate to me. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst by day and love to bake on my free time. The Behavior Baker is a platform that I created to showcase my baking journey, sell some goodies, as well as be a resource for people of color in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, providing people with resources, helpful tips, and ultimately a face to show that we too are the field and are needed more than ever! Read more>>