While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Hassan Thomas | CEO of HRT Enterprises, LLC. And Founder of FYI FLI

Easy. God. Hard work. Consistency. Literally, that is it. In that order. You have to keep God first because without Him — we’re incomplete. We’re all merely human and will fall short, but with God we have what I call a “safety net”. We will fall, but getting back up is easier with Him. God (Holy Spirit) is there to lead and guide us. So, those feelings we get when it’s time to make a decision — it’s just not our gut. It’s God — telling us, “Hey, my son (or daughter), that’s it right there — make that play or don’t make the play.” Read more>>

Cherie Rugeley | Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur

Simple, My Family. I started cooking because of my family. I get so much joy from making dishes that put a smile on my families face. My husband works outside all day and comes home and builds his brand at night. My 16 year old son is just entering high school and is navigating the transition to adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it. My 13 year old daughter is constantly battling peer pressure, beauty standards of society and just being a teenage girl. There’s so much working against them outside of home, I wanted to provide as much COMFORT for them to return too as possible. Read more>>

Carrie Tobias | CrossFit Gym Owner, Personal Trainer

My husband Michael and I started our business in 2013. At the time we were 22 and 23 years old, he had recently graduated college at Texas A&M University and I was still enrolled in college taking classes at Lonestar College. The opportunity to start our gym was unexpectedly brought to us. We had been coaching and working out at another local gym in the area, this was when CrossFit was still very new and not many people had been introduced to it at the time. Another local gym owner reached out to Michael and I with a unique opportunity, She owned and ran a private gym in Hockley Tx and she loved the idea of Crossfit training and wanted to bring the program to her gym. Read more>>

Camellia Hill | Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Preacher, Servant Leader

Great question. I believe the most important factor behind the success of my brand is my passion to serve. Read more>>

Xander Komnick | Filmmaker/Producer/Editor

I believe the most valuable currency in the creative industry is connections and relationships. It is all about who you know and who they know. I used to be a pretty quiet and somewhat shy kid. I did not like talking to people I did not know very well. When I joined marching band in high school, I feel like that is where things changed for me. I became more talkative and cared less about the opinions of others. I made a lot of new friends and talked to a lot more people. I started out filming at local race tracks. Houston Motorsports Park is where I really found my passion. I met Chris David of Race On Texas, a company that records and live streams racing from all over Texas and Louisiana, built on the foundation of keeping the struggling sport and racing community alive. Read more>>