Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Kaitlyn Parker | Copywriter & Brand Strategist

I was always a writer and blogger and like most copywriters, I sort of stumbled into the world of copywriting. It was a total lightbulb moment for me – something that allowed me to combine my love of words with branding & marketing, and connecting with others. When I rebranded to Copy Uncorked, the name + concept came to me after a 2 week trip to France. Travel and wine are two of my absolute favorite things so it seemed like a natural fit to use my love of wine as a metaphor for the copywriting process. For a long time, I think people have viewed copywriting as “salesly” or truthfully, are just confused about what it even is. So I wanted to make it feel more approachable yet also refined. I wanted the experience of working with a copywriter to feel like enjoying a glass of wine at golden hour in good company. That was really the founding vision. All the ideas for the brand and the messaging sort of spilled out from there. Read more>>

Larry Allen | Industreets TV & Larry Allen II

Originally, “Industreets TV” was called, “When The Street Talks News”. After a conversation with my colleague and friend, Quindon Hall in the Summer of 2019, we thought of ways we could adequately concise information, and properly brand minorities in the media. This started as a way for us to not only build his brand of public speaking and trauma consultation as Qthespeaker, but to also work towards my goal of becoming a media conglomerate and successful filmmaker. We began creating commercials and content that would highlight artists and brands within the city of Dallas. We set out to bring better branding and content to social media and platforms like Instagram and YouTube, that would not only change the narrative of Blacks and minorities but help to control it as well. There are various shows on “Industreets TV”, such as “Cannabuis Worldwide” which highlights entrepreneurs, and artists in the cannabis industry, and “Hot On The Block”, which highlights artists and creatives in the media industry. Read more>>

Candice | Owner of Candii’s Coiffure | Houston Hair & Eyebrow Specialist

I came up with the idea or name of my business based on a combination of things like my first name, nick name, and the french word coiffure. I remembered a childhood salon having coiffure in their name and wanted to incorporate it in my salon name. When you look up the definition of Coiffure, it refers to a person’s hairstyle usually an elaborate one. That’s the feeling I want all my salon guest to have when they look in the mirror at the end of their service. Read more>>

Ilse Gonzalez | Marketing Expert & Social Media Consultant

While working in my previous job as an Assignment Editor at a local TV station, I had always been involved and active on my social media platforms creating empowering, entertaining or educational content for my followers. Although I didn’t have a big audience, I took my platform seriously and created content with purpose and my followers noticed it. One of my followers and friend who is a personal trainer randomly reached out to me and asked if I had ever considered running social media pages for other people – the same thing I was doing for myself but for other pages. Curious about the opportunity I decided to accept it and assisted him on a monthly basis to create a calendar, brainstorm topics, produce content, write captions and publish on his pages. What I thought was just a one month experiment turned into 3 months and then I realized that if I had multiple clients with this service I could make a salary out of this role. Read more>>