Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Kimberly Lewis | CEO of Holy Kiss Cosmetics Llc

This is a great question! There’s absolutely no way you can be an entrepreneur if you’re not willing to take risks. You win some and lose some, but the key is to keep going. I’ve had to make several adjustments with my business throughout the years and there have been times where I had to put things completely on hold. Nevertheless, I made up in my mind that no matter what it takes, I won’t quit. Read more>>

Lauren Stewart | Licensed Esthethican/Lavish Beauti and Esthetics

In my experience I have come to believe risk taking is essential to a fulfilling existence in life. When I left my 9-5 to go back to Beauty school it was a huge risk. I wondered very often if I was making a mistake, would I be successful, can I really pull this off. I had to find a part-time job ,and start classes. It all felt so overwhelming and I constantly considered is all the risk going to be worth it. Four years and a skincare company later, I can tell you that risk is something to run towards and not away from. Risk is where businesses are formed ,and dreams turn into reality. I have come to realize the old saying is true,”no risk ,no reward “. Read more>>

Orchestrate96 | Rapper & Songwriter

I see risk-taking as an essential part of growth. Risks force you out of your comfort zone. In doing so, you advance life’s experiences. These experiences can be good, bad, predictable, or unexpected. In any case, like Richard Taverner’s adage, “experience is the best teacher.” Whether it be small risks, like telling a woman you love her for the first time, hoping the feeling is mutual, or greater risks like starting a business, we can’t give up on dreams without a fight. The journey of becoming a renowned artist is the dream. It is full of uncertainty but, that’s the risk I’m willing to take. The goal is, not to lose myself in the process. Read more>>

Mark Spratley | Starting Five Label/Agency CEO, PR & Marketing Guru, Event Curator, , Entrepreneur, Former Writer & Manager.

We all have been taking risks since a young age. Everything has been a risk, but with high risk yields the opportunity for high reward. My come up and rise was based off of well evaluated risks. From taking on a non paid opportunity in music to learn and do it all as I went. From leaving college to move back to New Jersey and pursue music, To walking out of my part time job in New Jersey ten minutes in to the shift and deciding to put my full time and effort into the music at that exact moment. Moving out to Jersey City. Moving out to LA. Moving out to Atlanta.. All the time and long nights I put in for this was all a risk, people looked at me crazy in the beginning, but I stuck to the plan and I’m here now. I’m blessed. Working with any artist is a risk. I’ve certainly learned that over time. In the end your vision shouldn’t change. Read more>>

Breanne & Oliver Elle & Primes | Co-CEOs/Bre-Pastry Chef

For most people fear stops them from stops them from taking a risk. Fear has never stopped me from taking a risk, I know with great risk yields great reward. For one to be able to get through their fears they must address their faith. My faith in the Creator has taught me to not fear the risk of stepping out into what I love to do. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind. When I decided to start the bakery I knew my temp job assignment was coming to an end and knew getting another job was out the question for me. The risk was high having no job to depend on money just my own hard work and hustle. Had I not step out on my faith and taken the risk to be self-employed I would not even be writing this interview today!. Read more>>

LeChell Rush Honorat | Poet, Photographer & Filmmaker

Taking risks absolutely frightens me, especially the ones that require me to bet on myself. I don’t alway have the confidence to do it, but what I can say, I’ve never taken a risk that I’ve regretted. It may take a bit longer to get there but when I take them, they are calculated and full-force. I wouldn’t be remotely near the artist or person that I am without these risks. Read more>>

Yolanda Vallier | Interior Stylist and Professional Stager

I believe risks are an intrinsic aspect of life and inevitable for growth in life and career. Even as babies, learning to walk involves the risk of falling. But we all embraced the challenge, fell, and got back up until the risk paid off! I have always been somewhat of a risk-taker. However, I must admit the older I get the more I calculate the risks! As an entrepreneur, with aspirations to see, manifest, and sustain a vision, risks are par for the course. Having the courage to press through and overcome the ‘what-ifs’ is what propels me forward. I’ve learned that you will never know what is possible if you don’t step out and go for it. Having this mentally has really allowed me to witness the hand of God on my life as I’ve stepped out and believed that if I would just get in the race, only then would I even have the possibility of winning. Read more>>

Elizabeth Roy | Founder of Elizabeth Roy Collection- Break The Cycle

Taking a risk is facing fear and taking the chance no matter the outcome. We take risks everyday, but as an entrepreneur I have to be brave enough to believe in my dreams. I don’t want to live with regrets. Everyday in my life, I am faced with decisions. Those decisions can have positive or negative consequences in my business. I decided to launch my brand after I resigned from 12+ years of teaching. I did not know graphics, marketing, social media or even how to reach customers, but I took the risk of changing professions either way because I followed my dream. When I am creating an new design is a time commitment, I am taking a risk of creating/making something that may or may not sell. Investing on my inventory is a financial risk. Everything I do is a risk but I am excited to take that risk if it will allow me to reach financial freedom and helping others break the cycle through my personal story as a survivor of abuse. Remember that “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” by Jack Canfield. Read more>>

Gabriel Sarduy | Marketing Major & Creative Influencer

Whether its taking a risk in my work life or personal life iv never had a fear of taking risk. The fear was always more so of failure. Without failure or tragedy we tend to put ourselves in a box that I like to call the “unknown”. How do you know what heartache is if you’ve never experienced it? It can be dangerous to not experience failure or tragedy and the effects it can have on how you handle situations. Growing up as the youngest in my family I would say I had to grow up pretty fast. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old and I could remember seeing and feeling the pain my mom went through. As a single mother, she took many risk to make sure that me and my siblings where secure in what we needed to be successful mentally and physically. I feel that she instilled that strength and power in me. As an adult, when taking risk I am equipped with how I handle the outcome, good or bad. Read more>>

Krystel Johnson | Recording Artist, Filmmaker, & Model

Throughout my years of experience, I’ve learned that the true importance of taking risks is being comfortable with the uncomfortable. I started in this industry as a new model and female rapper, shy and scared of what others would think about me and my music. Jumping into this industry with thousands of professionals and so little experience was extremely uncomfortable, however I allowed that feeling to motivate me. I eventually grew to understand the art of risk taking. If you want it, go for it. Take a risk. Don’t always play it safe or you’ll die wondering what could have been. So instead of living in fear by comparing myself to different models and worrying about what others think, I chose to learn from those who are already established. Remember you have to start somewhere. Even if you fail there’s so much to retain from these failures that will strongly benefit you. Failure is not the lack of success, but it is an integral part of success. So try again, fail again, and fail better. Read more>>

Devonte Jackson | Artist & Songwriter

Taking fish is something that us as people try to stray away from but I think it’s probably the most important move you’ll have to make in life. I look at the place I’m at in my life in general and I can say if it wasn’t for the risk I’ve taken and times I’ve had to step out on faith I wouldn’t be this ahead. Read more>>

Carlos Wallace | Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker

There are very few aspects of life that do not involve some form or risk, especially since outcomes are never guaranteed. Things happen. And because I understand this, I factor risk into all my decisions. When you are prepared for the threats, challenges, obstacles, you become better equipped to handle the hurdles. You have to be realistic about the good and the bad in life or you will never be motivated to try new things, explore ideas and concepts. I am not afraid of the word “no”, and I am not intimidated by “gatekeepers.” That is very empowering attitude. It’s one I wish others would take more. My thinking is, “The nerve of someone trying to convince you that if you do this, or say that, you will face consequences so you better back off.” Unless you are clearly embarking on some detrimental mission (which of course I do not recommend), take a chance! Maybe you will fail. Read more>>

Justin Irick | Photographer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor

Risk taking is an interesting topic in consideration to a career. Only because most people look at what a risk is differently. What may be a risk to me, may not be to someone else. Regardless, I do think it can be advantageous to take a risk here and there. Calculated risk of course. I usually only take a “risk” if I feel like it’s something that I can really do. Some would probably say, “well then it’s much of a risk if you think you can do it.” And they are not wrong, but that’s how I go about making those types of decisions. If I truly do not believe that I can do something that is being pitched, or that has come to my mind, then I will not do it. I feel like it is way worse to commit to doing something that you cannot do. If you say that you can and then you can’t, you’re going to let a lot of people down. Of course depending all on how big of a situation you create by not following through on your word. Calculated risk. Don’t ever commit to doing something that you don’t know you can truly do. Your word is one of the most important things. I have made the mistake myself, and it is never a good in the end. Read more>>

DaiTrell Ingram | Recording Artist & Life Coach

I say, “If you’re not willing to take a risk, you’re not willing to live.” A lot of experiences have come from taking risks. Its a sure way of becoming better, and creating something new if you will. We take risks daily, by traveling, eating and so many other things, why not take a risk at something you love!?. Read more>>

Yanet Morales | Fashion Model & Influencer

I am all about taking risks. In both personal and professional situations. I believe we have to pursue the things we want and face them with courage and a positive mind. No matter the outcome, if we don’t try we will never know. There is a quote I use very often related to this : “ I’d rather a life of OH WELLs than a life of WHAT IFs. Whatever I set my heart on I go for it. I take risks. I listen to myself. Always optimistic and always determined. Read more>>

Johnny Duncan | AKA | Jenkins2d Multidisciplinary Artist

I’ve always felt that being an artist is such a risk in itself. I also don’t feel like I chose to be one, I’ve just always been one, so the risks have always made sense to me. The whole thing is a gamble in my eyes. From getting supplies all the way to finishing a piece, finding a place for it to live, etc. Aside from that there are some heavy risks I’ve taken just to maaaaybe see SOME reward. Two times I’ve gone overseas to participate in art fairs like Illustrated 2015 at the Old Truman Brewery in East London, and the Tokyo International Art Fair 2016. It’s a pay to play game, and I was betting on coming home with work sold, and money in my pocket. Both times I had to pinch quid or yen and spend wisely just to be sure I had something when I got back to TX. Definitely doesn’t mean I came back empty handed, there were immense life changing connections, experiences, and lessons. Read more>>

Justin Anthony Rodriguez | Film Director or Filmmaker

Everything about filmmaking is a risk. The feeling of being vulnerable. Showing your art. Putting yourself out there. It’s all a risk, but embrace it. Living on the other side of fear and comfort zone will help you succeed in filmmaking or any creative endeavor. It’s important to step through that door and embrace failure. If I personally didn’t do that then I would still be just a person with a head full of ideas. Put thoughts into your risk. Personally I find risk taking enthralling, makes me aware I’m alive. Read more>>

Belle Lundon | Actress | Singer | Songwriter

I think there always risks involved with anything that we do. Just like choices…its a ripple effect that not only affect our lives but those connected to us as well. Sometimes the risks or choices we make is not always agreeable to others or be the most favorable choice. During my senior year of high school, I left all my friends and went to another learning facility that allowed a better chance for me to get into a conservatory for the performing arts. That school was called the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. It gave me an idea of how a college conservatory could be. Then I made an even bigger risk by moving to California to further pursue my passion. I started from square one with both building new relationships and being in an unfamiliar place. I believe taking those risks made me fearless. I enjoy flying to unknown places and discovering new cultures. I don’t have much fear meeting new people or being in new environments either. I learned to adapt early on. Read more>>

Snehee Chaplot | Food Safety Scientist & World Traveller

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk. – Mark Zuckerberg” I am a Food Safety Scientist by training and one of the key processes we follow in my line of work is assessing risks for all our processes and procedures and putting in mitigation plans. It has become my second nature to apply this to everything I do professionally and to some extent personally. The key to success in assessing and mitigating risks is very simple – maximize the areas where we have some control over the outcome and minimize the areas where we have no control over the outcome. I had become severely sick in January 2015. I went from becoming 100% independent to 100% dependent overnight and thereby could no longer work as a full time employee anywhere. However, I had always been a workaholic and was finding it very difficult to accept my situation then. This was the turning point of my career and personal life. Read more>>