We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Amy Freeman | Graphic Designer Who Tress Bakes

With honesty comes accountability and integrity, two big traits on my list of what matters to me. We are all human, we make mistakes… own up to them, fix them as best you can, learn from them and move on. Read more>>

Kenny Nguyen | Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

I believe that being genuine or real to yourself matters the most. When I first started photography and cinematography, the community was already so saturated and the profession was even more saturated. I came to realize that it was important to shoot what I wanted and not what other people may have wanted to see from me. I made the decision that I will keep pursuing this passion, if and only if, I felt that it made me happy. Of course when it comes to professional work, I don’t always have the direct choice of what the project in mind is exactly, but I do have the choice to decline or accept the job. This became very important to me on a personal level because I came to a point where I was feeling creatively blocked. I heard about it all the time where creatives come to a road block and they feel so uninspired. I never really thought it could happen to me until it did. Read more>>

Rachel Griffin | Professional Organizer

The most important principle in my business is discretion. This is huge! Most people have a hard time letting people other than their immediate family in their homes in the midst of every day life. Sure, we prepare our homes for parties, gatherings and social events, but are we ever really prepared for someone; a stranger, to come into our homes and start opening every cabinet, every door and looking in every drawer? No! It’s nerve wracking and most of the time I get a lot of people saying to me they are hesitate to book my FREE in-home consult because of possible embarrassment or judgement. My business is judgement free. Embarrassment free and completely confidential. I get the question all the time…”I bet you have seen worse, huh?” And I almost always say, YES! But I add to that this theirs isn’t that bad, I’ve seen it before, its nothing I can’t handle and there is no need to be embarrassed by your home. Read more>>

Lee Cullip | Sporting Director

Integrity. Without the principle of integrity in your business or life the result, and even the journey there become pointless. It is also a surefire way to fall short of the success you desire. Making sure that everything has care and attention to the details when working with people is paramount to success. Henry Firestone said “Success in in the sum of the details” which is exactly how I feel about working with people. Listen, consider and have integrity in every aspect of your pathway. Read more>>

Amber Slaughter | Co-Founder & Executive Director

Serving the Houston creative community through emergency relief, wellness programs with a focus on mental health support, and engaging our community through visual arts programming. Can you remember a time when we’ve needed the arts more? As we struggle each day with the pandemic and fight harder for racial equity, the arts are there to support us. We listen to music, we read, we make chalk drawings with our kids. We play video games, we dance in our living rooms, and watch movies and TV. We practice the guitar, take Instagram photos, and we create posters to carry in protest. Artists are working overtime in every community, household, and family, doing what they do best: connecting us, giving us needed moments of joy, and most of all creating hope. Read more>>