We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Diana Zuniga | Cost, Tax & Forensic Accountant

“Go with the flow” Only dead fish go with the flow! I believe that if you want something you go above and beyond to achieve it, the right. Helping those that need you a long the way, working as hard as you can and never settling for less because someone disagrees or doesn’t see the worth in your brand. Read more>>

Johnedra Walls | Owner & Instructor

Be the best you can be as soon as you can be cause all we have is time but time waits on no one! Read more>>

Natasha Williams | Entrepreneur

Over the past few months I have researched, read articles, attended webinars and the like, for new and up-and-coming entrepreneurs like myself. Everyone has dubbed themselves as coaches and consultants for those new to business ownership and throw out terms like, “hacks” to starting your business, or a quick way to gain followers or convert to sales and I can tell you being a business owner is hard work, late nights, early mornings and creating tons of visually appealing content on a daily basis! This life of entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart! Read more>>

April Lim | Poet, Writer, & Editor

A conventional piece of advice in the literary world is to write everyday. This is wonderful advice if it applies to you, I disagree with this advice for myself because it can lead to burnout or a feeling of discontentment within my own writing. The act of constantly producing can cause me to feel overwhelmed, and it limits my ability to be creative in some ways. I enjoy writing, but writing to me is an act of self care to realign myself rather than an exercise. Read more>>

Lander Sulser | Profitable Launch Coach & Copywriter

You need a massive social media following to find success in your business. No, you don’t! There are several ways to grow your business (even online) without being tied to a social media platform. You don’t need a huge following for your business to be profitable. My secret? Email. And, the really good news is that even the size of your email list doesn’t have to be huge to be profitable.
Read more>>