Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

David Huang | Physician, Pastor and Farmer

Serving both as a pastor and as a physician, I have always believed that both spiritual and physical health are important. Both are important separately and together as both affect each other. This was the genesis of the nonprofit, Harvest for the Hungry. Our mission is providing healthy farm to table food for those struggling with food insecurity. However, the mission behind the mission is using feeding people physically as a platform for feeding people spiritually. Both of these types of feedings are why Harvest for the Hungry, Inc was started. Read more>>

Angie Mccomb | SolarGirlTX

I have worked for a couple of companies and I always gave 150%, even when no one else did. I realized very quickly that I was building everyone else’s brand with a ton of amazing reviews and service and decided one day to redirect all that energy into my own Brand…. SolarGirlTX. SolarGirlTX is about helping Texas families save money. That’s what I do. If solar isn’t for them.. I will be the first to tell them so. My philosophy is do right by my customers and team and the money will come. Its more important to me to do the right thing, than it is for me to make tons of money. I am one of the only female owned and ran solar companies out there, I am proud to say. Read more>>

Terry & Mable Owens | Owners, Knick-Knackz

From a very young age, Terry has been involved in the construction/woodworking industry, where he and his 13 siblings made up the “crew”. Terry has always enjoyed working with wood which has allowed him to use and enhance his creativity over the years. Mable has a background in quality and customer experience and loves the world of e-commerce. Therefore, when we tossed around the idea of starting an e-commerce business – it was a no brainer that we could work together and use our combined talents to design and produce “amazing handcrafted wood products and party props”, in addition to custom product requests. Hence, KNICK-KNACKZ.COM was born. Read more>>

Ashlee Crianza | Houston Wedding + Elopement Photographer

I loved the idea of being able to have the freedom of creating my own schedule and spending more time with my family. I also loved the fact that I would finally be able to make a career using my art background. Read more>>

JoAnna Sibrian | Baker/Mom

I decided to quit my job after 1 year of having my son. One week went by and I was not used to being a stay at home mom, so I decided to start baking. Started with cookies to brownies to banana Bundt cake and then started to focus more on cheesecakes. It’s been a year since I started my own small business. I also went back to work and luckily am able to take my son with me. So I basically work a regular clock in job and still take orders on what I enjoy doing, baking. The name was inspired by my son Jayden. Just combined his name with the world delicious and we became Jaylicious Sweets. Read more>>

Chanel Green | Founder

My thought process initially was “how could l provide quality skin care to my children” and then it developed into “how can I provide quality skin care for the community while educating about the benefits of natural ingredients” . Read more>>

Krystale Brown | Creative Director/Plus Influencer

I always wanted to have my own business but I knew it was equally important to start something I was passionate about. Kreative Khaos is exactly that for me. It involved everything I love, creativity, working with people, and print photography amongst other things. It also allows my to build my brand as a plus influencer. Read more>>

LaToya Greene | Certified Life Coach and Mental Health Coach and Director.

When my daughter was small, I decided to enhance my education and skills to become a business owner. My thought process behind this was due to wanting to own something of my own that I could one day pass down to my daughter, wanting to earn more money, and I wanted the freedom of a flexible schedule, being my own boss, and doing something I enjoyed doing. Read more>>

Dr. Cheryl Haseeb, DNP, CCRN | Aesthetic Specialist and CEO of Pura Medical Aesthetics

We started Pura Medical Aesthetics, we wanted to make aesthetics accessible to everyone. To provide a higher level a patient care all clients regardless of social, economic status, age, gender or background. Was to help our clients rejuvenate and refresh while maintaining the natural beauty. Read more>>

Sabreen Cosmetics | Entrepreneurs

We started Sabreen Cosmetics in honor of our aunt Nabeehah Sabreen, who lost her resilient battle with Breast Cancer in 2009. As sisters, we wanted to create a brand that would honor her life and legacy. In the midst of developing the brand, we found a need for clean beauty products for women of color. Through our research from the EWG, we’ve found that almost 75% of products marketed to Black women had potentially harmful ingredients. We wanted to ensure that our products were clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and also luxurious, and sustai Read more>>

Trae Browne | Photographer & Spiraling Artist

I have always romanticized the idea of being a self starter. I honestly think it’s just something that compels you to be a pathfinder. But for me I regularly sold my waking life for a wage and benefits. My last employer was upset with me because I was challenging the operating procedures and trying to best optimize it when I said he was capable of doing it properly he quipped, Trae is you’re so smart why don’t you just quit then. And a light bulb appeared as I thought to myself he’s being an asshole but could I make what I was making there if I had more time? I just needed two hundreds a day to match. If I truly as smart as I think I am could I? Well golly geez I think I just might be able to earn that plus more and in less time than I spent at my dead-end job. Thanks Larry Read more>>

Kevin Butler | Graphic designer/ Artist

I’ve always felt like a man of many talents and have pushed myself to see how far I can go. In my down time if I’m not being productive I feel I’m not reaching my potential. What better way to spend some of that free time, outside of giving the most to my family, than to share my talents with people who decide to work with me and furthermore to the world Read more>>

Erica Garcia | Body Contouring & Skin Tightening Specialist

Before I started my body contouring business, I was getting sessions done on myself. I was consistent with the appointments and followed the after care instructions that were given. I ABSOLUTELY loved my results. It made me feel better about myself and gained more confidence. If she was boosting my confidence, I can only imagine how many other people she was helping. I wanted to help other women/men like myself feel better about themselves. This is when I started doing more research on different services and training courses. Soon after, I enrolled in classes and started my journey in 2020. Read more>>