Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business.  So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Jane Udoewa | IT professional and Co-Founder of Houston Cultures

Growing up, I never thought I would start my own business. I just knew that I loved technology, and I loved helping people, so the rest came naturally. Four years ago I began co-hosting the “Nigeria Cultural Parade and Festival.” This is the largest cultural celebration that showcases the beauty of Nigeria, in Downtown Houston. Through this event I was able to see how much people loved culture and how they want to share and express their cultural experiences. From the success of the parade and feedback from attendees, I noticed there was a void in highlighting cultural businesses. This led to the creation of Houston Cultures. Read more>>

Lisa Composto | Fine Art Floral Designer

When I used to daydream about turning my creativity into my full time lifestyle and career, I imagined I would be painting. I dreamt of growing a collection of my favorite subject matter painted in vibrant oils: dramatic landscapes and seascapes, fields dotted with flowers and happy cows lazily grazing alongside old dilapidated barns, and of course, plenty of moody still life florals. And maybe, one day I will. But, I never would have imagined that I would be painting large-scale canvas backdrops for live floral and still life compositions instead of painted subject matter. In fact, a decade ago, I would have humored the idea as I adore anything floral, but then would have ultimately dismissed it as I had no clue how to arrange flowers. Read more>>

Monique Wisdom | Owner & Designer

Before, I discovered my talents of wedding and event planning I had always enjoyed and had a passion of planning events and special moments but I never realized it was something I wanted to do until my mom pointed it out to me while setting up for our Christmas party for family and friends. Her words, I quote were, “You are good at this you should make this a business.” In that moment, I knew it was my calling and confirmation to live in my purpose. Initially, I was fearful of starting a business and stepping out of my comfort zones but I decided to go full force after loosing my corporate job in the midst of COVID. So, I studied the industry, I mentored with prestigious wedding & event planners. Which in return help me to create a brand that represented me! Read more>>

June Cates | Fine Art Oil Painter

At age 75 and being a retired fine arts artist, I wanted to get back into the art world. I made the decision to buy a 142 year old former meat market, refurbish it and open a Fine Art Gallery in our small town. Thus helping myself and other artists and helping our small town to grow. Read more>>

LaTasha Domino | The Candle Pusher

My thought process behind creating my candle line was if you don’t like what’s on the market create a product you would love and want to buy. You see, I spent hundreds of dollars on candles, and one day I said I need a new scent, something fresh and that I never smelled before and I left Saks with one candle; which cost me 60.00 dollars. The next weekend I brought my first candle set and on June 23, 2016, is when I made my first candles for De La Paix Candles. Read more>>

Nicole Lee | Portrait Photographer

My journey to becoming an artist began as a young child. I always had a passion for photography & I fell in love with the idea of creating something with the camera. I pursued a career in Healthcare Administration for 10+ years but reached a crossroads and wondered where my professional journey would go next. In that season of waiting, I purchased my first DSLR camera. I captured everything under the sun but I loved capturing nature-related scenes, avoiding anything to do with people. In an effort to improve my craft, I started taking self portraits. I photographed myself, because I was the only one I felt comfortable confronting or speaking with (outgoing introvert problems lol). I committed to taking portraits of myself for several hours a week until I felt comfortable enough in front of and behind the camera. Read more>>