Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Michelle LaRowe | Executive Director

One of the most important factors behind the success of Morningside Nannies, is our unique understanding of the nanny industry. That starts with ensuring that that nannies we represent our screened thoroughly and according the highest industry standards and ends with offering superior client services. We take an empowerment by education model with our clients so that they have the information and resources available to make educated and informed hiring decisions. The impact of this is that families hire the right nanny for their family. Read more>>

Dita Montana | Professional Artist

The most important factor for my brand for me to stay successful is staying consistent. Consistency is in the top 3 most important factors in my art journey. To me, being consistent also means staying motivated & inspired by positive forces and life situations around you. Read more>>

Tracie Whitacre | Co-Owner

Customer service! People can spend their money on all kinds of entertainment so we want to make sure they have the best time while visiting our escape rooms. Customer service isn’t just about smiling faces from our employees but also warming conversation, a clean facility, well-trained employees so your experience playing the escape room is fun, fast responses to messages and emails and being as flexible as possible to accommodate customer requests. We like our customers to feel at home and at ease from the initial phone call or online booking to their arrival and finally the exciting escape from one of our themed rooms. Read more>>

Jasmine Kokoszka | Hairstylist & Salon Owner

Under the broad umbrella of the beauty industry are so many positives: joyful self expression, having agency over one’s own appearance, and even a cathartic feeling from being physically cared for! On the flip side, the issues that exist in any other part of life seep through. The beauty industry is also one that induces and exploits self-hatred for profit. The most important part of my brand is diverging completely from that mindset! I believe these days we all have more tools to relate to self-adornment and styling in a healthy way – and I thank those who created the Body Positivity movement for laying that groundwork. The principles that got us there declare all bodies worthy of safety from discrimination based on race, ability, body size and shape, gender, or sexuality. Read more>>

Benito Diaz | Diesel Specialist & Shop Owner

The most important factor behind our success has to be the trust we build with our customers. In this industry there’s always a mechanic ready to take your money without even considering you or your truck. We try very hard every day to build a great relationship with all of our customers. Read more>>

Courtney Stephens | Energy Consulting & Training

The most important factor behind my success at QED Energy Associates is working hard. The motto of my alma mater, Centenary College of Louisiana, is written on the arch above the entrance to Hamilton Hall. It reads Labor Omnia Wincit. Work conquers all. The same motto is written on the wall at my office. Not only do I work hard, but I expect everyone that joins our team at QED to do the same. Over the years, QED has survived many difficulties and celebrated many wonderful successes. Through it all, the hard work that we do for our clients had kept us in business in dark times and grounded us in the good ones. Read more>>

Raj Bose | Travel/Wildlife Photographer & Educator

I think the key factor for my success has been the quality of images, taking images in some of the most beautiful locations in the world and using social media to my advantage. In the past 10 years social media has totally changed the way we do business. It has impacted photographers in different ways- some like it and some don’t. But I have taken advantage of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase only my best work. This has enhanced my reputation and helped me establish relation with my followers as they anticipate good quality posts every time. Also, I have developed my old colorful, vivid style of photography that has aided in connecting with my clients and followers. Finally, I made sure my website is striking, impactful and simple to use. Read more>>

Chris Conrad | Owner

Creating a brand means focusing in on the core attributes of your target and working hard to not stray from those. I created Republic Boot Co as a quality centric brand that would encompass the long-standing traditions of this iconic cultural item, the Texas Cowboy Boot. We would bring in the best craftsmen and not cut any corners. We would brand the company in a way that was “real Texas” and would identify with the ‘every day Texan’, not as a stuffy pretentious product. Its too easy these days to use manufacturing short-cuts and low quality materials (especially if you can’t see it). There are many boot companies out there hitting the boot entry market, but we went after the harder segment of the market and established ourselves as one of the leaders in custom boots. Read more>>

Rodolfo Nunez | Interior and Exterior Painter

The most important factor about my success is my integrity, When I quote a job, and give a time frame, my clients know that my word is solid. My jobs are done on time and on budget. Read more>>

Joe Carbajal | President

Well of course the most important factor behind my success is my faith. I need God on my corner thru thick and thin! And there is a lot of ingredients that come along with success. You have to have a great team on your side, everybody that works for us is very important, like our warehouse guys, they must maintain a clean and organized shop, our CCR, they are in the frontline with our customers, answering the calls, our techs they go out and talk to our customers and perform the job, and even our cleaning staff, that maintain the office and restrooms clean and smelling good for us. I am a very disciplined person and I get obsessed with everything I do, even on my time off, I am masterminding, how to improve our company and give the customers the best experience when we service their home. Read more>>

Alexander DiSaggio | Realtor & Broker

I believe the money and success are simply by-products of passion and compassion. When you are passionate about anything you are doing, in other words, when you wake up every morning excited about that thing and go to sleep every night dreaming about that thing, and your entire being revolves around that one thing, you will be successful. That is true passion. I can’t tell you how often I hear real estate agents tell me how passionate they are about real estate and how much they love real estate, and yet they don’t take the time to read through a sale contract (the thing that all of their clients are signing) or haven’t taken the time to know everything about a particular area where they are showing homes. If you are passionate about something, if you love something, you want to know every single thing about that something. It’s similar to when you start dating someone. You want to know what their favorite color is, what their favorite movie is. Read more>>

Johna Filis-Mercado | Small Business Owner

I would that the most important success factors behind our brand are integrity, a customer-centered approach and impeccable quality. Read more>>