We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

LaShanna Moore | Holistic Nutritionist & Practitioner

I am inspired by beauty, energy, community and the natural dopamine of life. I’m inspired by people; people being and people doing. I’m inspired by the light of God and the freedoms of life and creativity that we’ve been given. Read more>>

Victoria White | Leadership Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Public Speaker

I am inspired by the people that I get the opportunity to serve! The work of leadership can be challenging, and is often a thankless job. However, I have learned to listen for my “thank yous’ from the transformed lives of those I influence as opposed to expecting to hear it from their lips. If the services I provide brings transformation to the life of just one person in the audience, I know that that one transformation will lead to more transformations that I may never even hear about…..that is inspiration and ‘thank you’ enough for me to keep pushing forward. Read more>>

Caleb Perry | Christian Singer

Singing Christian music, a lot of times I thought, would be repetitive or redundant. But I was so wrong! I’m inspired by “experience”. Life happens, we react…that’s what makes a great song. Specifically for me, life happening, seeing God in situations and reaction is very motiving. Read more>>